- Miscellaneous notes on systems and races impacted by the Galactic Civil War -
excerpt from the field journals of Arkady 'Sunlion' Crylic during the Bloodshed Uprising to his fellow Bedouin Cartographers. -

"Juridonia was a very resource-rich planet in the Kuniar Rim. Full of lush forests, jungles, and rainforests covering the majority of its land masses. It has known for its unusual white grass, and its trees with white and lime green leaves, with grey trunks. The three most common types of trees found on Juridonia were Shaswa trees, Nair trees, and Placata trees. Shaswa trees are often large and thick, with long, thin branches covered in soft, thin, and flat leaves. Nair trees are thin, short, and have a pointed top. They have very short branches that grow needle-like leaves only on the bottom side of the branches. Placata trees are a cousin of Nair trees, however, they are much taller, but are still relatively thin, and have longer branches. They can also grow red needle-leaves as well as the usual white and lime green.
A volatile tropic compound found on the roots of these trees was used a a major component on superconductors maintaining most materials in an extremely low energy state.

Juridonia was quite flat with only a handful of mountains dotting the planet, however, rolling hills of dark green earth can be found surrounding said mountains for hundreds of miles, with very little flora and fauna to be found. Dotted in the peaks of these mountains lived and worked the Juridonians in pre-fab habitats and facilities that supervised the extraction of the natural occurring tropic plant compound.
Juridonia had no oceans, but instead many large lakes that cities are often built around too, though quite a few have been made into nature reserves or areas with very little industrial activity, as to preserve most of its natural resources.

Juridonians were a sentient, usually benevolent, humanoid race that originate on the planet. They prided themselves on the balance that they achieved with the natural world of their home. Exploration and colonisation of their star system came early in their history as well as contact with nearby races with whom they developed trade agreements. And although their trees gave them their health and standing in the system another unique aspect of their biology had always been of interest.
Juridonians did not possess abnormal strength or durability, but did regenerate cells faster than most races.

When the vanguard forces of The Armada translated into their system in the first year of the Bloodshed Uprising, the Juridonians were totally unprepared for it. To them The Armada had always been a myth. Told by old space pilot that had gone to the outer edge of the Galaxy and liked to embellish their tales after one to many drinks.
The Armadan forces destroyed the small space navy force they possessed in less than two hours and set about to plunder the system of all resources they could.
The Juridonians put up very little resistance focusing instead on surviving the invasion force and avoid any unnecessary life loss. Infrastructures and resources could be rebuilt again.

As The Armada continued to reap havoc around the Kuniar Rim systems the Juridonias actually suffered less than others that had stronger military and defence forces. But the worst was yet to come. After The Armada moved on in their campaign towards the Galactic Centre and their war with the High Council escalated with the inner core systems, slavers started a relentless campaign to capture Juridonians in their home planet because of their unique physiology. A live specimen could fetch incredible prices at the black markets that developed in the wake of the war.
Withing a year almost no Juridonians were left alive or in freedom."

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