USSF Rising

Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

Elevation woke up groggily to the sound of his alarm. It had been a wild night and he was too drunk to remember most of it. He quickly took a hot shower before putting on his body armour. It was the last hours of his R&R and had already been asked to report early for duty. Strangely he had been asked to report to the Embassy in the nearby city of St. Aulux.

He walked the corridors of the hotel he had checked in a week ago wondering what his next assignment was. Since coming over and taking a commission with the newly formed USSF defence forces, most of his duties had been to flush out smugglers and secure trading routes in the system. Which suited him fine, anything he could do to avenge the great losses of the GDF in the last 10 years. He still could not believe the ancient force, that for so long had maintained peace across the Galaxy was now gone. Splintered and eradicated by The Armada and the conflict against the High Council.
More, he could not believe sometimes he had survived the bloody cycles of the Silence System battle. He got a quick bite to eat and some coffee before heading down to his docked ship, pushing the thoughts from his mind.

He plopped in the seat and pulled up the orbital network via requesting a flight lane to St Aulux.
"This is Lt. Commander Elevation of the USSF Acra Battalion. Requesting a flight plan and route to Ekatarina Embassy. Authorisation code - Delta 4 - 5 Gamma -. Over."
He waited a few seconds closing his eyes trying to fight the migraine that was building behind his eyes.
"This is Orbital Control Sigma 1. Authorisation code acknowledged. Route transmitted. You are clear for takeoff in T-minus 3 minutes. Do not deviate from assigned path and stay at designated cruise altitude, over. Orbital Control out."
"Roger." Elevation replied pushing several buttons on his console prepping his bird for sub-orbital flight.

As he sat he saw the comms link light up with a priority encrypted transmission from HQ. The rigid and weathered face of Commander Quidar greeted him when he accepted the uplink.
"Lt. Commander Elevation. I'll be briefing you on your next assignment during the flight to St. Aulux. You're not to share details of your assignment with anyone except with the person you're meeting."
Elevation saw a string of data fill his console and quickly scanned its contents. He could not repress a small frown.
"I know what you're thinking. But this is not a babysitting gig. Orders came from the office of Supreme Leader Denoslav himself. It's been tagged as an Omega level priority mission. You will do well to remember that, soldier. Whoever asked for you is connected."

They talked for the duration of the flight, Elevation soaking all details he could, both from what he heard from Commander Quidar and from the data on his screens. He only interrupted twice to ask question pertinent to his assignment, stopping short of enquiring why he had been selected for such an operation. He was sure all would be made clear soon. Or at least he hoped so.

When he arrived at the embassy, he had a good idea of what the assignment entailed. Escorting some high ranking USSF officer to a classified meeting in the Olian Cloud. Location still unknown. He looked up the Olian Cloud in his PAD. He did not like to know exactly where he was going. Or how he was to supposed to get there, yet.

Embassy security had him wait in a small office in the top floor of the main building after they ran the necessary checks and clearances. He waited for hours which he used to get familiar with the upcoming task. The more he studied the data the more questions he stumbled upon with no apparent answers.

Eventually as the sun rose to its zenith across the blue skies of Cornidia, the door to the office opened and a slim, tall figure in a crisp black tunic entered the room. A tall slim woman, with short red hair and white pale skin moved with grace and economical movements across the room. Her red eyes, shinned and she grinned as she approached him.
"At ease soldier." she said with mirth in her voice.
Elevation eyes widen with shock. His words failed him and he thought he was seeing a ghost.
"Clara?!?" he whispered...

He stood at attention before realisation hit him

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