A Narrow Miss

As they headed to their bunks they laid down and crashed from fatigue. So as they slept among the other crewmates in the shared crew quarters, their minds wandered to various dream worlds for better and worse as they recalled traumatic moments and peaceful ones. Gideon had the same dream of loosing his beloved and his fellow Techno-Mages when they were ambushed by the Pirates. They never found out what the Pirates were looking for or how they even found them. It was a big mystery and Gideon suspected the Pirates might be working for someone working in the shadows. This had haunted him since he set out on his own. It was the main reason he didn't like to sleep.

Sadly they were woken up as the crew shift was switched out. Eight hours passed by in a flash during their sleep and the loud chatter kept them from going back to sleep so Gideon and Walker got up with the other crew members and headed to the mess hall for a meal before they had to pack up and leave. To make things easier, Frost had the shuttle refueled and stocked with food, water and gear so Gideon and Walker could leave when they were ready. Delays were not cost efficient and his crew had eight hours to get the shuttle ready. So once they checked in with Frost they made their way to the shuttle and launched toward the 2nd moon crash site of the Nag'Vina.

The shuttle ride was long and quiet as Walker and Gideon monitored the scanners and looked out the window. Meanwhile frost and his crew monitored the debris field and ran several scans for any changes or more Pirates. Everyone was on edge since they were taking a lot of chances as it was for a big payday. As they looked out the window they saw the slow moving debris floating in the silence of space.

Walker and Gideon endured the silence as they headed towards their destination. On the 2nd moon was the other half of the of the Nag'Vina. Walker made the adjustments to orbit the moon till they arrived on the correct side of the moon so they could orbit above the crash site. It was a long and slow process as they slowly made their way into position. Walker was sweating bullets as he lined up debris on the moon's surface. Gideon ran a multitude of scans on the moon, the debris and the area around it. He needed to know if the Gytenare survived since he had to go down there. Giden was glad he managed to survive against the Gytenare last time, but was not to eager to fight it again.

Then a cold chill ran down Walker's spine as Frost's voice came on the coms with a frantic tone. Frost warned them that the scanners showed a lot more Pirate ships approaching and they needed to scrub the mission and escape. He gave them some coordinates to meet at later on, since they didn't have enough time to regroup. As it was Frost was barely going to have time to recover his crew nearby as it was. Gideon reassured they would hide and then meet them at the rendezvous point. Then Gideon instructed Walker to hide their ship inside the wreckage of the Nag'Vina on the moon's surface. Once the Pirate fleet left or drop their guard they would escape.

Walker was not to keen on the idea but they really didn't have much of a choice. So he slowly and delicately parked their shuttle in a large hole of the front half of the crashed Nag'Vina ship. Once he docked with magnetic locks they turned off all non essential power to keep from being found. Meanwhile Frost and his crew were already leaving the space and heading to the rendezvous point to wait for Walker and Gideon. Now they had to play the waiting game.

The Pirate fleet arrived near the debris field and began scanning the area with long range scans. The Pirates were looking for something or someone as they continued their scans. Meanwhile Walker and Gideon maintained their silence since they were not sure how good the scanners on the Pirate ships were. So they patiently waited as they could do nothing but wait. Then after an hour they made their way to the 2nd moon and passed over the debris of the Nag'Vina that Walker and Gideon were hiding inside of, before they moved onto the crash site of the other pirate ship. Walker and Gideon patiently watched as the small Pirate fleet of two cruisers and twelve smaller ships fly over them.

Walker whispering: Should we escape when they are out of range?

Gideon whispering: No we are still in scanner range.

Walker whispering: I don't like this.

Gideon whispering: Well this is not how I wanted to spend my day either.

Walker whispering: You know we can't stay here forever right?

Gideon whispering: Naturally we will run out of air, fuel and food eventually.

Walker whispering: Is that your way of cheering me up?

Gideon whispering: Sorry humor is not one of my stronger skills. It was not needed growing up.

Walker whispering: I noticed you don't like talking about your past.

Gideon whispering: Correct.

Walker whispering: I get it. I don't like bringing mine up either. So you mind sharing your plan to escape?

Gideon whispering: Sure but I know you won't like it.

Walker whispering: Humor me.

Gideon then explained to Walker that he was going to exit the shuttle and collect random debris and attach it to the shuttle magnetically to disguise them as debris. Then he would have to use his force fields to nudge them into the debris field with minimum power on so they could avoid detection as they float out of the debris field. Walker understood the idea but was very concerned about navigating blindly through a lot of debris and no engines. Gideon suggested they use thrusters as needed and he would have to use his forcefields to help as well. Sadly this option would take a long time till they could get far enough to turn on their engines and escape.

So Gideon then suited up and left the shuttle so he could get to work disguising the shuttle with scrap metal. In essence he was building a shell made of junk to disguise the shuttle. Unfortunately this took a good eight hours to do since Gideon didn't want the scrap to interfere with the shuttles function and it was set up so they could disable it when they needed to.

Once Gideon was back in the shuttle he rested for a bit before he shoved the shuttle with his shields into the debris field. At this point he was very tired and was meditating in his chair as he rested his body while looking the ships cameras in his head. He used his staff to connect to the shuttle so he could control it with his mind and not tax his body to much. Walker was sitting on pins and needles as they slowly drifted through the debris field.

In order to minimize their energy signature they could only use thrusters for emergencies in short bursts and Gideon's force fields, which were somewhat camouflaged from a distance. It was very unnerving as they floated through the debris field. Walker looked out the window since they could not use scanners or main power. It didn't take long before the shuttle was freezing inside. Both Gideon and Walker had to stay in their exo-suits to keep from freezing in the shuttle. Both men wrapped space blankets around themselves to help stay warm over a long period of time. It was frustrating to move at such a slow pace as they floated along through the debris field.

As they move at Mock Turtle speeds the did their best to remain calm, silent and warm in the cold shuttle. There was a concern that the controls would freeze up if left alone to long and hinder their escape. Gideon occasionally ran a small surge of energy through the wires to keep them from freezing and keep from being spotted on the scanners. After a few hours went by Walker stuttered his breathing as he whispered to Gideon they had company. Gideon slowly looked out the window as they both saw a few Pirate ships slowly scanning the area in a pattern. It was unnerving for them to get close enough to a Pirate ship that they could read the ID on the side of it.

For a moment there was a concern they would bump into the Pirate ship as it passed by. Granted they looked like scrap debris, but with the power off they had no protection and shielding if they ran into the the Pirate ship. Gideon prepared to make a small isolated shield to help nudge them away if they hit, however they somehow managed to dodge a bullet as the Pirates ships near them quickly left towards the 2nd moon's direction. The two men swallowed the lumps in their throats as they continued to float through the debris field slowly. Another hour went by as they slowly drifted along feeling both scared and anxious at the same time.

Suddenly Gideon's eye lit up and he looked out a back window to check what he felt. Walker was curious so he turned to see what Gideon found and waited for a response.

Walker whispering: What is it?

Gideon: Power up and get us out of here NOW!

Walker didn't wait for Gideon to go into detail as he began flipping switches and turning dials to power up the ship and activate the coordinates. Gideon quickly rushed to his seat to buckle in as Walker was prepping the shuttle.

Walker: I hope you are right about this.

Gideon: I hope you get this ship running soon or this will be a short trip.

Walker: What did you see.

Gideon: A massive energy surge.

Walker: Like weapon's fire?

Gideon: More like a core overload.

Walker primed the engine cells and they quickly blasted off out of the debris field. Walker maintained his focus and Gideon held on his seat calmly as he hoped for good news of their escape. Walker maneuvered through the last of the debris field like an ace pilot. He was determined to live through this experience. As they left the debris field they sighed in relief and Gideon checked the scanners to see if they were being followed. Luckily they weren't being followed and he sighed in relief.

Walker: Are we clear yet?

Gideon: Yes. Feel free to meet up with Frost.

Walker: Hopefully he is still there.

Gideon: Yeah.

Gideon rubbed his temples as he was tired and worn out from using his skills to much over a long period of time. What should have taken a mere 8 to 10 hours to escape the debris field, took them 21 hours.

Walker: Hey Gideon won't the pirates be able to steal the same data you recovered?

Gideon: Impossible.

Walker: Why?

Gideon: I deleted it after I took it. Frost wanted exclusive rights. That's why he is paying a premium price for our work.

Walker: Makes sense. So the only part left is the crash site on the second moon then.

Gideon: Assuming that data survived, it would be pointless to retrieve it now.

Walker: What do you mean?

Gideon: Something near that moon somehow took out a Pirate cruiser and caused the second cruiser to overload its engine core. It could have been some floating explosives, but it would not surprise me if they found another Gytenare.

Walker: Then we got lucky.

Gideon: Very lucky.

The two men felt like they were blessed by a divine being to survive the day, all things considered. Even though they were tired it was hard to relax as they made their way to meet up with Frost. A few hours later they picked up Frost's ship on the scanners and sighed in relief that they found him. Once they docked and came aboard they met with Frost and told him what happened. Hoping to avoid more Pirate activity Frost had his pilot get them to their buyer ASAP. Gideon and Walker took their time to eat some warm food and get some shut eye.

Sadly Gideon did not sleep well as usual. He had been having the same bad dream every night ever since his people were attacked. He missed them as well as his beloved Isabelle, his loss left a gaping hole in his heart. This was the main reason he never opened up to others, besides his trust issues. Eventually he woke up in a cold sweat again feeling anxious. He laid back down and meditated to regain his composure. Once he managed to calm down he got up and headed to the mess hall for a cup of coffee. He saw a few crew members doing the same since they needed the caffeine. After brief "Hey", Gideon took his coffee and sat in a chair and pulled out an E-Book on his hologram screen. It was in an old language that was long forgotten to most life forms. It was about the history of an old race that died out long ago. he would read this to forget his troubles sometimes. When the others saw him reading they left him alone and enjoyed their break.

A few days later the ship was close to the meeting place for Frost and his buyer. The crew would have some free time while he made the deal and then they would get paid, before choosing their next assignment.


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