- A reflective commentary on the fall of the UBC and the furrow of destruction plowed through the field of the galaxy by the rampaging Armada. -
excerpt from the field journals of Arkady 'Sunlion' Crylic during the Bloodshed Uprising to his fellow Bedouin Cartographers. -

"The Corsion system was home to a singular small frozen dwarf planet millions of kms from its sun. It was uninhabited and supported no biology apart from a few moss like frost tolerant plants. The star itself was also unremarkable. Pale blue and small in astronomical terms.
Somewhere in its past the system was home to a second planet closer to its star but now all evidence of that is gone, except for a ring of asteroids orbiting the place left behind by that forgotten world.

Purgatory Omega was built on a hulking asteroid left behind by miners who moved on after a few decades upon exhausting its veins of rich hiridium ores. The asteroid itself was 30 km wide and almost 20 storeys deep. Its network of caves and galleries perfect for when the Black Moons, a Federated Security force, funded the construction of the penal colony. Full construction took around 20 solar orbits and when it neared its completion, other galactic security agencies lend their support to the project to what would one day be the largest and more infamous high security prison in the Galaxy.

Soon nearby sectors were sending their most dangerous criminals to be incarcerated at Purgatory. The GDF took over soon after during the zenith of their power and influence across the Galaxy and truly increased its reputation. For a nominal annual fee, any world in the galaxy could simply make their problematic convicts disappear for the duration of their sentences. Rumours were that places at the prison were bid for by many world governments and factions, as the facility quickly approached its maximum capacity. The waiting list was several years long.

With the fall of the UBC, credits stopped flowing into the facilitiy but still the gaolers held fast in their duty. Lead by a special force GPF team, the security forces numbers numbered close to 1000 strong at the last count. Void shields protected Purgatory from space bombardments and anti vessel batteries were strategically positioned to repel any would be invaders.
At any given time Purgatory Omega held an inmate population numbering in the tens of thousands. A pressure cooker bursting at the seams.

That was the target of a small Armada strike force at the onset of the Bloodshed Uprising. The pirate flotilla was known to attack penal worlds and colonies to liberate prisoners and bolster their numbers. Of course such actions also added to the chaos their arrival usually set off in invaded systems and nearby worlds. But nothing on the scale that they would achieved here. Its reputation as the of the most secure in the Galaxy after the High Council tower and the Atlas at the galactic core.
The shockwave created by the fall of Purgatory Omega and the release of its convict population into a trembling cosmos served as the opening daring gambit of their invasion of the inner systems. This single invasion a master stroke of tactical warfare, which tied and fragmented much of the GDF factions into chasing escapees across vast expanses in the surrounding systems, before it became clear that The Armada was actually positioning its forces to go after the High Council and the Atlas.

Led by Archangel Nomad, the penal colony security forces fell to his ruthless brigands within 5 cycles. The security forces were almost completely slaughtered in an orgy of violence and retribution. The few survivors would later claim the pirates had been helped by traitorous GDF elements of the Black Moon faction who to this day still terrorise nearby systems from their own corsair fiefdom, until such day as a large enough force tries to bring the system to heel. Until that day Purgatory Omega will continue to be an ally to The Armada paying tribute to the mighty fleet..."

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