Location - Dobu Spaceport - Olian Cloud

Walker sat at a stool in the promenade of the Dobu Spaceport eating some jellied eels and soya noddles. He washed it down with some fresh water, wolfing down the steaming pile of spicy food voraciously. After weeks of dehydrated dried rations and recycled water aboard Frost's ship, it felt good to have a proper meal. Even if it was some weird sort of jellied eel. Frost ran a tight ship with a decent enough crew but there was no room for luxuries during deep space mission, like fresh produce.

He looked around while he ate, scanning his surroundings. He remember being here almost a decade ago, a year into the Bloodshed Uprising on some sort of security detail with Fennec and Elevation. The place had been one of the busiest spaceports in the sector, bustling with trade and commerce, for the elites of the inner systems.
War and time had a way of changing things. And not always for the best. The place was no more than a thieves den now. A far cry from its former glory.

Across from where he sat he saw two insectoid creatures fighting in a makeshift ring, while a small crowd urged them on. The carapaces were broken in many places and their purplish blood covered their bright yellow bodies. He could see wages being placed and felt the temptation creeping in again. He grunted pushing the thought away from his mind. He had only just made some good money working as a guide to Frost and his team and he needed to resist spending it all. Gambling had always been a slippery slope for him.

The mission had been a success. Although Frost had been chased away by some marauders and was unhappy to leave so much loot behind the teams had recovered important assets and resources from the Nag'Vina wreck. Mainly due to the interventions of Gideon. During his time with the man he had not paid much heed to the hooded figure, as he had spent most of his time in the Silence System relieving the dread of his last battle against The Armada, haunted by ghosts he would never forget. He lost so much back then, that it was some times hard to grasp the immensity of what had happened in those blood soaked cycles.He had lost comrades and his way of life. Their defeat and the shattering of the GDF had plunged the galaxy into spiralling chaos. Order and security achieved over aeons of progress and sacrifice, gone in the blink of an eye. The High Council fell shortly after and along with them, the Atlas.

But now away from that dread place, that he vowed never to return again, he kept playing in his mind the events he had witnessed and Gideon's actions in particular.
He was no common data-serpent and dirt-worm, that much was clear. The way Gideon had on several occasions saved their lives, attested to some unique power or skill that the man clearly wanted to keep a secret. He also did not fit with the rest of the crew, that seemed to give him a wide berth whenever possible. Nor did he seem particularly loyal to the Captain beyond doing what he was paid for. But he had power of that there was no doubt. And maybe Walker could use a man like Gideon.

The Captain had promised payment soon. He was just finalising trading with several interest parties. Walker had secured a decent percentage of the salvage when Frost found him in Karkol spaceport. Enough for him to secure a ship and maybe hire some crew with the promise of steady work. He had already scanned a few holo-listings in the terminals and several impounded ships were for sale. He scoffed at the notion as he drained his second bowl and ordered an extra serving. More likely the ships had simply been seized from their previous owners by the syndicate that ran Dobu.

A huge cheer brought pulled his eyes back to the fight. One of the insectoid fighters was holding aloft the severed head of his opponent, pulling off its twitching mandibles and tossing them to the excited crowd, spraying them with blood and gore. The sooner he left this place the better. He just needed his payment. He had his eyes already on a blockade runner that would do the job nicely. Light and fast, using stealth and speed instead of brute force. Yes, it would do him nicely. He grinned as he tucked into his third noodle bowl and wondered if he could convince Gideon to join him.

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