Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

Stanko Perovik stood at attention while Supreme Leader Zanikov Denoslav entered the room. As the head of the newly created XSP task force he had only once been in the same room as his leader. He was considerably nervous and fought the urge to run his hand through his bald scalp, a nervous childhood tick he had never completely outgrew.
He looked a head instead reassuring himself that his grey scientific tunic was spotless and without a single crease.
He wanted to make a good first impression. Never in his wildest dreams would he dared to believe that within 6 months of the creation of the Extraplanetary Special Projects task force that he would be here so soon. Reporting on a Omega level event.
He closed his eyes momentarily and told himself not to stutter.

"At ease Director Perovik. Please sit." the Supreme Leader gestured to a chair across his opulent desk. "I hear you have found something that required my direct attention."
"Indeed Supreme Leader. I felt the data should be delivered in person and not via the normal channels." he replied and waited. After a short pause Zanikov raised his bushy white eyebrows.
"Well, speak Director. I have other duties to attend this before the morning is over."

Perokiv nodded and pushed a data slab in front of his leader. He pressed a button on his vambrace and a holographic image of a ship appeared.

"Two days ago, one of the patrols on the edge of Mass TXR-3 sector reported a derelict vessel. Initial scans confirmed it has been adrift for at least 2 Galactic cycles. It has somehow escaped the notice of other spacefarers." he said pushing another button on the vambrance and the image showed a planet. " Its seems that it was captured in the path of this planet recentely and its decaying orbit means it would have been lost in the gas giant's crushing atmosphere within another few years."

"Go on. I'm sure there is more to this finding, yes?" Zanikov asked looking at the data floating in the air, his interest peaking.
Perokiv nodded. "Initial scans indicate that the vessel might be as old as 10 Galactic cycles. We also detected traces of a power source still active somehow." he steady himself for the final piece of information.
"The ship appears to be organic in nature. Some sort of symbiotic vessel." he tried to hide his excitement.

Zanikov nodded clearly impressed. "Who did you say found the vessel?" he asked.
The director pulled up the details on optical dispaly.
"A Captain named Zenkar Vinn, Supreme Leader. Ex-GDF. A Dremica."

"Director, please dispatch the necessary teams to investigate the vessel, capture it and transport it to a safe location if possible for further study. Technology as old as this appears to be can vastly improve our society and our standing in the Galaxy. Please allocate whatever resources you need to the project." Zanikov stood up. "I expect a preliminary report in 10 orbits. You may go."
Director Perokiv stood up and nodded, leaving the room very pleased with himself.

When he was alone the Supreme Leader called one of his attaches into the room.
"I want a full report on the Dremica by the end of tonight. Usual details. History, demo-dynamics, political affinities and the like. Oh and see that Director Perokiv gets allocated whatever resources he requests. "

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