Location - Dobu Spaceport - Olian Cloud

The Gray Lady was designed and purpose-built for durability, distance and speed. Aside from fuel storage and instrumentation there was very little space for anything other than the pilot, and enough supplies to keep her and the ship running for a couple of months at a time. She had spent 10 years of her scout career alone in this ship. It was as much a home as any other space in the galaxy. She looked at the beauty of the Olian Cloud framed in the cockpit viewport and felt the stirrings of the strange mix of curiosity, excitement and wonder that had fueled her for so many decades.

It faded as she forcefully reminded herself of the toll those years had taken on her body and her mind. Only a small percentage of the Sisterhood survived to retirement. She sometimes wondered if she should have taken the position that the Academy had offered when she retired from active service. Maybe she could had prevented their demise if she had sculpted and trained new new generation.
Still, she could not see herself ground-bound, teaching new recruits only to watch them leave at the end of their six years of training. Lost to the wonders of space that she could no longer share.
They gave her the Gray Lady as a retirement gift, and that was enough. That and sufficient credit to build her base. She had built a reputation as a discreet and reliable Envoy over many years before the War. Smart enough and skilled enough to go where others could not, tough enough and experienced enough to succeed where others would not.
She changed course to align with Dobu station. The former trading outpost was larger than the standard system station. Its Torus design with mushroom like hub was sprinkled with patches of light from the individual viewing ports and observation decks. She keyed her transponder and opened coms.

" Dobu station, this is Pilot Ishmael of the Gray Lady, inbound requesting docking clearance"
" Gray Lady, come to bearing 312 and hold at one thousand for clearance."
She lined up with the central docking bay and waited. Another bland voice came over the coms asking for last port of call and purpose of visit.
" Urgawaraz IV. Business." She replied. There was a silence of several seconds before a sharply different voice came across the waves.
" Gray Lady, shift heading to 42 mark 12, stand off at 6,000. Do not approach! Stand by for scan and escort. Indicate your intent to comply!"
" Maru, Dobu, will comply." She snapped the coms off with an irritated flick. She would bet Klono’s left testicle it had something to do with the quarantine back at Urgawaraz IV. This deal was already turning into a headache. She hoped this Mohan would have her item and not be to hard to deal with. She fingered her new blade hoping she did not have to test it yet.

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