A forgotten age

Zenkar watched over the research team as they explored the inside of the ship, while his fleet pushed it to the research center. He kept looking at the ancient writing to at the wall, it took him a while, bit he figured out why they looked so familiar. "This is ancient Dremica, from the age of the Red Legion." The scientists looked over at him, "You can read it?" He gave them a small nod, "I can start translating it." One of the scientists began recording, "Please, Captain Zenkar."
He gave a nod before he began to translate the ancient language. "During the Age of Fury, when the creators of the Atlas were battling against the Red Legion and the hive minded Plague known as The Fury. The Red Legion's numbers never seem to die out, with the Fury one their side, all they conquered they would convert to their side. They seemed immortal, that was until the Atlas was created. From the creation of the Atlas, the Fury was burned away to the far edges of the universe, the Red Legion reduced into nothing more than a small battalion slumbering in the dark edges of the Universe. The Atlas somehow kept them from their conquest, and it shall until it's destruction. If the Atlas is to be destroyed, first the Universe will be threatened by Plague, then by Fury, and finally by the Red Legion. For those who are reading this, the ship that you are a boarded on was one of the Red Legion, however it is no longer part of it, just a shell of the warship it is, if you find this ship, the end of singularity has come, and the age of the Red Legion is coming. Pray to your Gods now." Zenkar looked over to the scientists with horror on his face, "We must prepare." The scientists sent the recording of the translation right away to the higher ups. However this translation would end up across all the know universe.
The simple message for all of them, "The End has come."

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