The Plague

In the dark corners of space a space station drifted. This space station was once known as the Nebulon-65. The space station had been abandoned, due to a highly contagious mutagenic virus, abandoned by whomever used to own it. All lights of the space station were blotted out by some sort of organic. The rays that managed to shine through were dim and glowed with an eerie green light.
The space station was within one of the dark sectors of the galaxy, because its sun was starting to die, its light consumed by the process.

Many good people had turned to piracy during and after the Bloodshed Uprising, and they were in need of riches. Things that would be of value now that the galactic cryptocurrencies system had been thrown into complete chaos.
This particular dark sector was several light-years away from the Urand Expanse but whatever planets and stations still reside there could be full of ancient technologies and valuable resources.

Word had reached the Cephalon Consortium Conclave that a group of pirates set out to this system, determined to be the first to reach it and steal its resources and and plunder its riches. They were not afraid of the dangers that it may hold.
The coordinates of this sector had deliberately been kept confidential and deleted from most webways and were not to be exchanged, for it held terrible secrets.
It was abandoned, and it was meant to stay that way. This did not however stop Xoth Cephris from braving this solar-system to stop the fools.

She stalked the corridors of the station with her two hell hounds close to her heels. It seemed the pirates had managed to restore some power to the station while scavenging for whatever plunder they thought they could claim before things went south.
She replayed their distress call in her vox channel once again.

"Anyone out there, please help. We're in The Nebulon-65, coordinates attached. Our crew.. Something in here killed them in the blink of an eye. Hazard protocols failed. We're now trapped in some sort of command centre. Please, anyone that can hear us out there, send help!"

She was late to render any assistance she knew and even if she wasn't she would have to kill any survivors. No one could escape this station alive. Her scans detected no other living beings in the station apart from her and canine companions.
She had often argued with the other members of the Conclave that this station be secured, sterilised and all studies recovered but other pressing matters had taken their attention during the conflict between the High Council and The Armada following the Fall of the UBC.
With a sharp thought she instructed her hounds to keep away from the bodies in the corridors. They were infected, the infestation reaching deep into their suits and bodies,crippled, oozing pus and blood. The hounds however were extremely resilient to most virulent strains. They were one of her most crude but efficient creations with an incredible augmented healing factor.

The air in the space station became really dense as she made her way to the vault finding more and more bodies prostrated on the corridors, glad she was wearing her exosuit. A strange, green fog appeared ankle deep as she progressed into the bowels of the station. Electrical discharges caught in the thick fog, mimicking miniature thunder clouds, displaying a wide spectrum of colourful lightning. She passed a room with opened crypods wondering what had happened to the test subjects and if they had been disposed. A thick green ooze permeated the insides of the capsules like it did the bodies and some of the thick metal walls of the station.
The lightning in the fog started flickering green, becoming more intense. Her hounds growled at the electrical static noises and Xoth did her best to calm the creatures with her telepathy, as the circled her in a protective fashion.

~Not far now, my pets.~ she thought.

She had known little of the research being conducted here ten years ago. The Consortium had funded the study into a some form of techno-biological virus. One of the hundreds of thousands of projects they funded through various secretive channels and foundations. However something had clearly gone wrong here and finally she convinced the others to retrieve the surviving data when word reached them someone had stumbled upon the coordinates to the system. The info brokers of the Dark Nexus were worth their price in platinum.

Eventually Xoth reached her destination and set herself to retrieve all surviving data and test samples from the vault many of which she would later discover contain some sort of green liquid with several tiny fossil-like particles in them.
Whatever happened to the fools that conducted these experiments it was clear to her that they had stumbled upon the building blocs of an extremely powerful plague.
Her yellow eyes shone and her tentacles undulated with anticipation. She could not wait to test it herself.

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