Gideon still believed that the pirates who attacked his people were just hired hands since they took no prisoners and didn't make any threats for their tech. It was unlike them so he believed they were cannon fodder for a third party hiding in the shadows. Sadly the third party was smart enough to stay hidden and left no bread crumbs for him to find them. One of the benefits of working with different bosses on different ships was the gossip he heard. This increased his chances of finding clues to the secret enemy he wanted to destroy. He sipped his shake as he read a book on a holo-screen while still in his disguise. He wanted to remain inconspicuous till Frost came back to pay him. When he was alone he had a bad habit of remembering his past and that bothered him so he would read old books to keep his mind distracted.

Several hours later on he saw Frost approaching and canceled his illusion so he looked like himself again sipping on an eel shake. He sucked his teeth to free a chunk stuck in them before he swallowed and cleared his throat. He was hoping Frost would honor their contract so things would not get ugly and he felt relieved when Frost payed up the credits. Gideon thanked Frost for the job and moved on as Frost moved to his ship. Gideon now had a lot of money in his pocket and a lot of time on his hands. However he needed to avoid the gambling area since the goons might still be looking for him. So as usual instead of renting a room to sleep in he found a dark unused area and hid himself with an illusion so he could sleep undisturbed after he finished his shake.

Sadly Gideon had another restless night as he relived his nightmare and only woke up when he heard a lot of metal getting hit by a hammer. As he opened his tired eyes he saw a mechanic trying to batten down a hatch with a sledge hammer. The sound gave poor Gideon a headache as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He hadn't had a peaceful night sleep since before the massacre of his people and it didn't matter if he slept on a bed or the floor. The loud banging kept him from relaxing and forced him to get up and alter his illusion to a common alien on the station. He wanted to blend in a bit more to avoid trouble. So once he altered his appearance he left the darkness and walked among the crowd.

Since he was hungry he went to the food booths and bought a coffee and a breakfast sandwich made from synthetic bread and alien meat. It was the typical fast food sold on space stations. ironically it tasted great compared to the diet he had to live on in Frost's ship. Gideon was used to having to deal with questionable food, jobs, bosses and sleeping accommodations, so he learned long ago that complaining was pointless. If he ever did have a pity party only the hecklers would show up so he knew complaining was pointless. He was the last of his faction and no one would mourn his death. He would simple fade away like dust in the wind once he chucked his mortal coil. However before he would have to face transition he planned on destroying the ones who hunted down his people.

He did want vengeance for his people but at the same time he also considered the possibility of starting over. Since he was young when he lost his people he didn't feel confident in rebuilding the faction, but as the years went by he began to cling to the idea of making it a possibility. However he had no idea where to even begin, so he never put the effort in to start, besides if he ever did buy his own ship he would loose his connection to the gossip he encountered moving from ship to ship. He had grown dependent on that gossip to find clues to the many questions he wanted answers for. So he contemplated his options as he enjoyed his breakfast.

Walker brought up the ships specs up on his ocular display once again.

She was a blockade runner just has he had hoped for. Sleek, stealthy and fast with a Class 2-CEC Subspace Hyperdrive 11 Ion Turbine with Drive Overcharge and sublight drive assembly. The vessel measured 63 metres from bow to stern and 12 metres in height.
Configured for 12 crew members and 1000 metric tons of cargo and a pantry that could hold 1 years' worth of consumables. Three, four-passenger escape pods, and one small shuttle bay, that he would use as extra storage space until such time he could afford a smaller craft.
He pulled up the specs on armament and defence and knew this is where eventually he would have to do some updates. He could never make the ship a power house but he could easily upgrade most specs without compromising the hull and systems.
6 TaiK & BaM H8 turbolasers, 2 dual anti-ship turbolasers, 4 single anti-fighter homing missiles as well as void shield generators and ceramic hull plating.

Yes she would do nicely for now, he thought smiling. Now he just needed to find a crew. He sent a small message to Gideon through their vox link.
Time for go explore the stars and make some dough.

Gideon was in mid bite when he received a message on his Vox. He swalloed his food and sipped his coffee before he pulled out the vox and checked the message. Gideon had a calm expression as he read the message. It was from Walker and he just bought a ship and was looking for a crew. Gideon had a small smirk on his face as he found the timing of this to ideal to his needs. Walker gave him the location of the ship so he could check it out so Gideon pondered his options for a bit before he replied he was on his way.


After finishing up his meal he cleaned up his face and made his way to the hanger to meet up with Walker. After a polite greeting Walker seemed in a much chipper mood now and was eager to show off his ship. Gideon pulled up the specs on the ship on his hologram.

Class: 2-CEC - Blockade runner type
Engine: Subspace Hyperdrive 11 Ion Turbine with Drive Overcharge and sub-light drive assembly.
Size: 63 metres from bow to stern and 12 metres in height.
Space: 12 crew members and 1000 metric tons of cargo and a pantry that could hold 1 years' worth of consumables.
Pods: 3, 4-passenger escape pods, and one small shuttle bay.
Weapons: 6 TaiK & BaM H8 turbo-lasers, 2 dual anti-ship turbo-lasers, 4 single anti-fighter homing missiles.
Defense: Void shield generators and ceramic hull plating.

Gideon then looked at Walker and nodded as the ship had a lot of potential. However as he scanned a few parts he pointed out to Walker that some of the wiring was in bad shape and could burn out later on. Walker seemed a bit annoyed before he asked if Gideon would be able to patch up the ship and keep it in good condition as the ship's technician. Gideon nodded as he reassured he could have it done faster than the locals. After they negotiated Gideon's fee, rules and job function they shook hands and mad a contract.

Once Gideon was on the clock he went to work fixing up the internal damage to the ship. He started with a full scan of the ship using his staff as he connected it like a magnate to a wall and used his skills to analyze the ship. This way he could communicate with the ships systems directly and find all the issues directly. As he traced each pathway he found a few that in need of repair right away and some that would need repairs in the near future. Since he was all about efficiency he decided to upgrade the system for Walker since it would be easier on them in the long run. He then made a list on a small data pad with all the parts needed for make the upgrade and fix for them and gave it to Walker.

Gideon knew Walker was limited on his budget so he chose materials within reason that he could upgrade himself with his skill set. So while Walker was out shopping for materials, Gideon was opening up all the hatches so he could access them easier. As he mage changes he updated his holographic data screen to keep track on his progress. Since he had time while Walker was shopping for materials, Gideon fixed up the circuit boards that were in need of repair and adjusted them to run smoother with a more efficient back up system. He even added a few additional ways to activate the back up system since getting attacked was a common occurrence.

Several hours later Walker came back with the parts needed and watched in amazement as Gideon animated the cables and merged them with the existing wires before reconfiguring them. To ensure he made no mistakes Gideon worked on each room at a time to avoid missing a step. It was like performing surgery on a ship as he meticulously grafted the materials with the existing materials and upgraded them at the same time. Walker wanted to ask a lot of questions but decided to wait since he didn't want to distract the delicate work Gideon was performing. Hours went by as the progress level increased as Gideon moved from room to room.

Once he was in the engine room he made many small changes to improve the shields, speed, processing speed, power usage and he reconfigured one of the reflector arrays to generate a ION laser, which could neutralize the engines of most enemy ships. The whole process took a good twenty hours of non stop work for Gideon. Since he was eager to get it done right and efficiently he worked long and hard. So once he finished he rested on the co-pilot chair as Walker ran a systems check on all the ship's functions. Walker was surprised to see that Gideon made many improvements that would have been impossible on his budget. It was indeed a blessing to have such a skilled Technician on the crew and this would greatly aid him in reducing the number of crew members needed for the ship.

After grabbing some chow Walker picked the Captain's quarters and Gideon picked the room near the Engine room for his quarters. It was then that he realized he it was the first time in a long time that he had his own quarters again. Ironically since he packed light he had no decorations. Since he was tired he crashed hard and once again woke up from his nightmares. After getting some chow, Walker talked Gideon about essential crew and future jobs to make money. Since Walker was on a budget he could not afford a full crew.

Then Gideon showed a typical list of crew members needed for the ship. Even though the ship could hold up to 12 crew members, that was not very necessary on Walker's budget and security wise. Trust was not easy to come by these days it would be wiser to take his time hiring a proper crew. After looking at the crew positions Gideon reconfigured it so he consolidated all the mechanical and technician positions for himself since the ship was small enough to managed on his own.

Crew List
Walker: Captain - Master of the Ship

Gideon: First Mate, Executive Officer - Responsible for safety and security of the entire ship and crew, leads the first watch shift.

Gideon: Engineer/Technician - Responsible for structural & mechanical frames. EVA specialist. Does all the avionics work and manages the sensors. Manages all the computer systems. Does waste, water, air, gravity, heating, ventilation & cooling systems. Controls all the data gathering systems and databases.

Helmsman/Navigator - Certified Flight Crew, Lead Pilot - Flight Department Responsible for plotting jumps, astrography, spatial positioning.

Deckhands - Responsible for Security of ship and cargo, loading and unloading the cargo.

Gideon pointed out that Walker only needed to find a qualified pilot/navigator. When Walker asked about the deckhands, Gideon suggested they buy old mechanoids that he could fix up. It would save him on wages and food till he decided to add more crew members. Walker asked about security and Gideon told him he could upgrade the Mechs to serve as security and laborers. Then Gideon and Walker searched the network for deals on old mechanoid robots that were cheap and easy for Gideon to upgrade with some parts. It took the better part of the day to find some mechs that were very cheap and the parts to fix them up. Walker seemed pleased that they would be less than his original estimated costs. So far Gideon saved him a lot of credits on maintenance. Once they ordered their mechs and supplies they ordered the food, tools, weapons and other needed supplies for a long trip.

After lunch they received their order of broken mechs and junk materials along with the other cargo they loaded on the ship. Then Walker left Gideon to his work as he sought out a pilot with navigation skills. Gideon quickly pulled out the Mechs and laid them out on the deck floor in the cargo bay. Then he pulled out the materials he planned to use for their upgrades. After using his staff to scan the broken mechs and the supplies, he pulled up the specs on his hologram screen to see what needed to be done. Then he focused on his work as he began to disassemble the mechs, merged/repair the parts and supplies together before he reassemble them. He complete rewired them and upgraded their circuit boards and processors like his did the ship.

Gideon worked long and hard on the upgrades and out of the eight mechs they bought he was able to make four of them fully functional. He reprogrammed them to perform the needed tasks of security and cargo management. He even buffed up their armor and combat programming for close and ranged combat. Since they had parts for the other four mechs, Gideon decided to use them for spare parts since it was necessary in the long run and having to manage eight mechs was overkill for their current workload. He then reconfigured the cargo bay a bit so the mechs could have a small docking bay to recharge at. Then he realized he needed to alter their charging times so two mechs were on duty while two recharged. One of the featured he added to the old mechs was magnetic boots so they could keep from being knocked off balance or float off if the anti-gravity came off line. He also upgraded their scanners and durability so they could work under various weather conditions.

Now oddly enough he did not upgrade their appearance much and left them to look like third rate mechs on purpose. It would look weird for Walker to own high end mechs on his ship and looking for work. So even though the four mechs Gideon overhauled were of a much higher quality than the five star mechs being sold today, they looked like 20 year old mechs from the junkyard.


This would do nicely to allow Walker to find work and cause others to underestimate the mechs skill and quality. So once the four mechs were recharged, Gideon had them organize the cargo and help him fill the pantry with the food and stock the safety materials and back up stations like the engine room. Extra parts were necessary for long runs sine nothing lasted forever and even less time when in a fire fight. Then the mechs secured the cargo crates to keep them from moving about while on missions. As the mechs were working Gideon took a break and enjoyed a coffee as he rested. He wondered if Walker had any luck finding a decent pilot with navigating skills that wasn't going to kill them in their sleep.


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