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Holvos Wakes

Holvos wakes. He blinks in confusion. His mind is filled with broken thoughts, fragments of knowledge, flashes of memory and the overriding instinct to survive. He lies in a pod. A birthing pod, yet he is full grown. He is strong. He must move, movement is life. This is truth.

His breath steams up the glass.


The voice is female. It sounds within the pod and he looks around for its source. There is a sudden hiss and movement as the glass slides away, as do the bindings that held him upright. He falls from the pod to land upon the cold metal floor. He feels the sharp pain of tubes and wires pulling away from his grey-blue body as he crawls forward.


Holvos clambers to his feet to find himself inside a small drop ship. He knows this, a ship dropped into the world by.... another. He was sent here to be born, to know life. To grow and perhaps to thrive. This is truth.

The inside of the ship is mostly featureless. There is the pod, there is a door, oval in shape. Everything in sight is silver and smooth. Looking down he understands that he is naked, but he is not cold. He watches as a small table emerges from the silver wall like shifting quick silver. Likewise a stool emerges from the floor, taking shape to suit his height and bulk.

A hazy light blooms from the table top and objects appear. Colourful orbs of red, green and orange. The light fades but the objects remain.


He can trust the voice. This is truth. Holvos obeys and taking his seat he consumes the orbs. They taste... good. He feels his strength growing, his mind sharpening to a razor edge point. "More!"

His first word sounds strange to his own ears and almost just to hear it once more he repeats the demand, this time slamming his fist into the table. "More." the table crumples beneath his blow and he looks down at it with interest. He runs his fingers over the imprint of his fist.

He jumps in surprise as the outer door opens, letting in a gust of hot air and dust.


"This is truth." he whispers as a red light fills the chamber and a soft humming sounds comes from somewhere beneath his feet. Standing he leaps for the doorway and crashes down to the hot red stone outside. The jagged edges of this world dig into his flesh and as he stands his feet complain of the stones that dig into him.

A high keening sounds comes from the shuttle now. Movement is life! Holvos runs forward as white fire and a deafening explosion overtakes him. He is thrown from his feet and sent sprawling over a rocky ledge nearby. Hitting the ground with a heavy crunch blood filled his mouth and darkness took him.

He did not dream.

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