First Campaign

Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

Supreme Leader Zanikov Denoslav sat at his desks going through a myriad of daily reports on Cornidia and the overall state of affairs of the wider USSF. Of course he had a extensive team of attaches that screened reports like these for him and only those they knew important landed on his desk.
He poured over the detaisl of the first project of the newly created XSP and the ancient derelict vessel they appeared to have found.

The technology and craftsmanship nothing their experts had seen before and it was likely the starship was one of the oldest ever found. A true xeno-archaeology and technocrat treasure trove. It was early days but already Director Perovik talked of many possible direct applications of some of its elements to further advance several of the USSF's fields of study.

For some reason the director had decided to include a vid link of a claim made by the Dremica Captain that had stumbled upon the vessel. Claiming it to belong to some long forgotten elder race that would herald the end of the Universe.
He had listened to the warning several times. Not because he believed most of it, after all the Galaxy was full of doomsday heralds and legends, but because he had decided that the Dremica and their current civil war were of great importance to the USSF.

He turned of the audio message again, and wondered how men had raised themselves to the stars still carrying all the burdens of superstition and myths in their heart and minds. A question best left for philosophers he felt.

Zanikov stood up and with a wave of his hand brought up the Dremica sector in his holo display. Although the USSF was striving to one day becoming more of a meritocracy they were still far from achieving that goal.
What the people needed now more than ever were strong leaders. And although the Junta of the United Space Systems had brought some stability to the region, he knew that in this uncertain times, strength and power would go a long way to secure a prominent place at the forefront of galactic affairs.

Yes, the Dremica situation could prove to be the first real action of the USSF in taking on a more proactive role in those affairs. He had already called a meeting with Fleet Admiral Stanko. They would start planning the Dremica Campaign tomorrow.

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