Delving into the Dremica

Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

Supreme Leader Denoslav and Fleet Admiral Stanko but gathered as much info from the Dremica's social and racial structure as they could.
They would have to some of their team to compile as much info as they could and see what could be of use, and of course cross reference it with other available material on the subject. If you were going to war it paid to know first and foremost any vulnerabilities and strengths a race possessed.

They allowed the young Captain to speak uninterrupted. He was likely nervous not having been told why his two new leaders wanted to see him. There was no need to involve him in the plans yet however Zanikov knew he would be a key element in their strategy.

"What can you tell us about the current civil unrest on the Dremica homeworld and why our borders are seeing an influx of refugees?" Fleet Admiral asked. "Spare us no details."

They both waited for the Dremica to continue his account of his people.

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