What Came Before- part II

- A reflective commentary on the fall of the UBC and the furrow of destruction plowed through the field of the galaxy by the rampaging Armada. -
excerpt from the field journals of Arkady 'Sunlion' Crylic during the Bloodshed Uprising to his fellow Bedouin Cartographers.

Location - Adegar System - Bastior Cluster

Arkady had been traveling to the central regions of the galaxy as news were beginning to filter through of the Armada's initial surge towards the Galactic Core. He had ensured that his fellow Bedouin's were up to speed on what was slowly unfolding, and advised them to tread with care and stay out of harms way as much as possible. He knew that his fellow nomads would aid and assist where possible, but also that they would be cautious in their travels so as not to bring too much attention of their activities to the notice of the many factions that could be harmful to their freedoms of movement.
He himself began a journey that would take him back to the inner regions, but even that was its own adventure, and he assisted many before he headed away, but he would dwell on those later.

Arkady skipped forwards mentally to some of the outcomes outside of his personal involvement over this period of chaos.
The wake of destruction had radiated out from the epicentre of the troubles at many different speeds. The fall of the UBC and consequently all major cryptocurrencies had huge effects across the galaxy. Some felt those impacts from the time of the Fall, others felt it over time from the consequences that followed. War, starvation, disease, pillaging, chaos was everywhere he turned to. A new Galactic Dark Age.
News started to filter in from many sources and continue to do so to this day, even four years later.

Arkady shook his head as he recalled some of the news bites that he had received as he traversed space back then.
He recalled hearing of a whole region just outside the neighbouring regions of the main body of conflict. A small group of Oligarchs numbering under 200 had held sway in that region for several generations, mercilessly milking the systems there through high taxation and poor working and living conditions. They controlled every aspect of the systems and consequently the peoples; in this region, from munitions to food production, controlling politicians and religious leaders, corporate managers and high ranking official of the navies and armies of the region.
They controlled the media, and propaganda was the norm. Black was white and up was down, and the people had no power to confront the lies and the manipulations. Until the UBC fell that is.

Slowly the Oligarchs control began to slip from their grasp. Their private mercenary armies and security divisions deserted them, often taking assets with them, pillaging as they ran amok, much the same as the Armada was doing elsewhere. The people rose up in anger, chaos ruled and death and destruction followed as civil control broke down. Some Oligarchs slithered off to their hidden bunkers, and no doubt will never be heard from alive again, (they will be found by those that hunt them). Others were hunted down and received cruel public executions, televised by the media now back in the hands of the people. Corrupt officials followed, a similar fate befell them. None survived that had not dug themselves in deep, but they also will be rooted out.

Some natural and gifted leaders rose to the fore with altruistic motives however, and slowly but surely infrastructures were repaired, controlled by the people for the people, some semblance of order returned. Admitted it was a hard life now in that region, but one where people felt they had some control, and more importantly a stake in their own future that was a viable one with hard work and dedication. Trade and bartering came to the fore, and continues to grow as this particular system would soon join the rising power of the USSF. This happened in many regions around the periphery and continued out to the fringe. Many systems however did remain corrupt and will continue to do so. Sentient nature is what it is after all. But a way to survive is almost always found.

There were many law enforcement agencies at work in the galaxy, the vast majority under the banner of the GDF and the control of the High Council and even given the spread of his nomadic brethren, they may never know the full number of them, nor of their activities. The ones who were directly affected along the route of the advancing Armada however had their hands full. There were many an enforcer group along that route. Some were equally as bad as the marauders in some cases, hiding behind shields of lawful intent, to only end up waging wars of dominance themselves, others were truly altruistic. But the one thing in common was that they were all targets, hindrances to the progress of the Armada, and therefore it was open season on them as far as the Armada was concerned. Even if The Armada was stopped in their relentless push towards the galactic core, Arkady and his fellow Bedouin Cartographers were of the opinion that the Galactic Defence Force would likely cease to exist in their current format.

The Armada as it moved towards its goals, grew in numbers from volunteers who wanted a piece of any prize along the way, they were motley bands of opportunists who albeit a problem in their own right in the sectors they ranged, became even more of a challenge to the law enforcement agencies once they had began working the edges of the great fleet, as they picked on the fleeing refugees and picked up their own spoils. Like parasites they rode the edges of the great beast as it moved forwards taking what they could.

The fleet gave them no mind, they served as a buffer on the outer edges of their great snakelike advance against those that attempted to confront the pirate fleet. Many a valiant tale could be told of those brave men and women that fought tirelessly to halt this deadly arrow aimed at the core. Other enforcers indeed were at the head of the fighting vainly to halt the great train or deviate it's course. Many more still are fighting bravely to kill the beast.
Fifth columnists infiltrated, others badgered using guerrilla tactics and slowly over time the outer fringes of the great Armada took damage, the parasitic hangers on were peeled away and obliterated when they had nowhere else to run.

It may only be time that the great beast is finally vanquished. Even a beast as ravenous as the Armada can only keep moving under great momentum, until that momentum is spent. Many will leave with rich pickings, many will die in the process. Infighting for prominent positions will take their toll. The core will remain pure he thought, but the greater body will crumble over time to a husk, that the core will then shed, it's purpose spent. They will feel no remorse for dropping the larger portion of it's slowly dying body, because they know they are the heart of the body, the brains of the body, even the spirit of the body, and once their goals are met, they will shrug off their main portions and grow afresh with new goals.

It may take years for the process to unfold, but it will be inevitable. You can only feed and supply a vast fleet like this for so long, it cannot grow indefinitely and will crumble over time until it's true shining heart is once again visible. The heart of the fleet will be for the most part intact, the detritus it gathered in its journey to the centre shrugged off with no more thought than shrugging off a well worn coat. The coat served its purpose, and now can be cast aside.

But the results of this twist of the knife on the galaxy will live on many generations to come. Tales will be told of bravery, treachery, greed and compassion. And the simple fact that this war of attrition between the High Council and The Armada seems to be gathering momentum, means that we are far from the end to this madness. All the while billions are dying, trillions displaced. The Galaxy will not recover easilyn from this conflict.

Arkady knew he had a vast record of tales he would have to listen to over time, from his fellow explorers recorded through his vox channel, and he would listen, he owed the galaxy that small kindness, if only to know that one entity acknowledges the trials of one poor soul whose voice was almost lost in the void, or as an acknowledgement to the madness of life and its fight to survive.

And he would continue to shadow the great beast, cataloguing, observing, lend a helping hand to those in need that he could.
He was witnessing history in the making and Arkady 'Sunlion' Crylic wished to be nowhere else...

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