Gideon then talked to Walker through Gamma and explained who the mechs were. He told him that he named them Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta and they had a symbol on their head and chest for identification. This was to avoid confusion when working with them. Gideon reprogrammed them to serve as the missing crew spots for labor, security, medic and repairs. He also told Walker the status of the ship and that he activated the drones to hide their course. Walker then told Gideon what happened when he ran into the woman. Seeing as they were not able to get a proper pilot or paying gig, Walker was going to think things over. Then Gideon asked where they should go to in the meantime. Walker pondered the options as they listed them out.

Location - Warp - Olian Cloud

Kali slowly opened her eyes. She had to blink several times for her sub-lids to open as well as it tended to happen when she had been asleep or unconscious for too long. It always took a few seconds for the muscle memory of her implants to kick in. She look around and realized she was in some sort of small med bay.

Kail rolled her eyes. A Mech with basic command interface.
While Kali did her best to clear her head Gamma sent Gideon and Walker a message that their patient was finally awake.

Gamma: Captain Walker and Master Gideon. The female patient is awake in the Med bay. Awaiting orders.

Gideon: Help her find the wash room and new clothing first then escort her to the Galley.

Walker: And let us know if she needs anything.

Gamma: By your command.

Later that day, after changing into a spare flight-suit that she kept in the Gray Lady, Kali sat in the small galley of the vessel sitting with the man called Walker and Gideon.
Walker had the look of an ex military man. She had seen his kind more and more in the last few years. Men that had spent their whole lives dedicated to peace and protection haunted by failures and defeat in a galaxy that had just irreparably in the last decade.
Gideon was another matter. She could not quite place her finger on it. There was something about him, almost as if he tried to hard to go unnoticed.

"You have my thanks again. It was a big risk you took helping me." she said sipping the freshly brewed coffee.
"It felt like the right thing to do at the time." Walker shrugged trying to downplay his actions. He knew she would feel in their debt.
Silence stretched between the three. It was clear neither of them were very adept at social interactions.
"Nice little ship you have here." she said looking around. "Although you seem to be very light on a crew." she said trying to make small talk.
"Yes, for now it's just us two and a couple of Mechs." Walker replied pulling a drag from his glow stick.
" If you are looking for some stable and solid crewhands you should consider travelling to Aspian station in the Domax system." she said trying to keep the conversation flowing. She needed to find a way to repay them for their kindness somehow without insulting them.

"Where are you headed?" Kali asked.
Walker looked at Gideon and shrugged again.
"We have not decided yet. I was thinking the Aramar system. Try to pick up some transportation gigs. I heard they were stabilizing the old routes again." Walker told her genuinely.
She hesitated for a second. He was right of course. Or at least he was until a few cycles ago. She had heard otherwise recently.
"I don't think that's true any longer." she sighed. "It seems The Armada has ploughed through the system once again. Dozens of convoys were attacked and captured in the last few cycles. I heard they decimated the security fleet the system had raised in just a few days." she said and noticed he winced at the mentioned of the pirate flotilla.

Gideon made a mental note of what Kali told them. He was curious how she was able to gain this information faster than Walker had. As he scrolled through the star maps in his head he marked all the spots with notes he got from Kali as a reference for later on.

Walker and Gideon exchanged looks. Kali put her cup down and considered if she could use their help.
"I am on my way to a meeting. A very important meeting. That's why I was at Dobu." she started. "I am sure Mohan and his goons will be after me and it's likely he is aware of whom I meeting."
Walker's interest was picked and he stubbed his glow stick out. Before he could speak Gideon interjected for the first time.
"What kind of meeting?"
"The kind that can change the face of the Galaxy." she said grinning. "A private auction. If you are willing I could pay you for your services. A simple run to drop me off at the designated meeting place and keep me from Mohan's hands in the meantime. Somehow I don't think he will give up easily."

Gideon pondered the job offer and calculated the estimated costs of the fuel, and protection time in order to make a profit with Kali. If Walker did take the job he would have to point out the costs in order to justify the profits. Since it was only three of them the food and water would last longer and the main cost would be the fuel and any maintenance they needed after arriving.

Walker considered the offer. They were severely handicapped without a full crew. Any type of void engagement would go terribly wrong for them even with Gideon's prodigious knowledge and the Mechs. Kali was only asking for a transportation run and Walker felt confident Gideon's actions before translating into the warp had covered their real trail pretty well.
Seeing the calculations on his face Kali pressed the subject.
"I can offer you you 2500 units of Herox and 5 powergel capsules." she knew it was a bit more than she should pay but a small price to pay for having saved her life.
Walker considered the offer for a few seconds and extended his calloused hand.
"We have a deal." they shook on it and just like that Walker and Gideon had their first commission. "Where are we going?"
"Somewhere in the Olian Cloud." she replied. "The coordinates for the meeting place have not been shared yet."
"Who else is attending the auction?" Gideon asked.
"Anyone who is anyone in the Galaxy will likely be there." Kali said keeping it vague. No reason to put them in more harms way than they were already in.
"So what do you call this vessel?" she asked trying to change the subject.

Gideon quickly began to calculate the profits verses the losses and unless they encountered an army they would come out ahead. Oddly enough it as rare to witness the process of getting work for Gideon since he was usually a temporary hired hand. It somehow felt less dramatic to see it in person. He wondered if it would vary depending on the clients in the future. As he looked at kali he saw she had some upgrades done. Apparently it was common for most life forms to give them an edge much like his own people.

Gideon looked at Walker. With all that had happened in the last few days the subject had not come up yet.
"We call her Dragonfly." Walker finally said. Somehow it felt apt.

Gideon nodded as the name was very fitting for the ship. As they were talking Gideon did the calculation in his head how to adjust their course. Then Gideon got up and nodded at Kali and Walker before he spoke.

Gideon: Well I'll make a course correction before we waste any more fuel.

Walker: Yeah go ahead.

Walker then continued to talk to Kali as Gideon made his way to the cockpit and attached his staff to the control console. The he used his tech skills to control the ship's systems to alter their course slowly to the Olian Cloud system. After calculating the best course to use with the least amount of stress on the ship he programmed the course into the ships computer and ran another system's check. He then connected to his four mechs and monitored their progress and updated their duties to include keeping an eye on Kali while she was onboard. Gideon was not the trusting type at all and that was not going to change anytime soon.

The next few days involved taking care of the loose ends using the mechs. They continued to organize the food, medical supplies, weapons, ammo, cargo bay containers, crew quarters and so on. Gideon took the liberty of converting one of the crew quarters rooms to a deep freezer since it would be more useful in the long run. This would prove useful in storing frozen foods and any products that needed to remain cold for long periods. Since they only had three lifeforms on board and twelve rooms he figured one less room would not a big deal when a freezer was more useful. Kali picked out her temporary room and mostly worked with Walker as they headed to their destination. Gideon preferred working on the Dragonfly as opposed to talking to others since he felt the ship needed more work as opposed to idle talk. Of course mechs continued to work diligently and only recharged in pairs so two were always available at a time. Then eventually they arrived in the outskirts of the Olian Cloud. Walker then looked at Kali for the next set of directions.


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