The power of fear

Zenkar knew the answer, "A majority of those that serve the new leaders do it out of fear. Only one tenth of all those who serve actually do it because they want to. We were weaken by the Armada and the Uprising. These Dishonored Dremica don't follow our rules and thus they can do unspeakable acts without blinking an eye. Due to this the majority fear them, and fear is a powerful force. These Dishonored are among the most dangerous criminals in the universe, there are reasons to fear them. However I spoke with Rinona, she was leading the refugees. She is also a survivor of the Three leading clans like myself, she told me that Ravor, another survivor of his clan has been trying to find weaknesses with this new Dremica Imperium, and he has told me that all we need is to show a force stronger then the Dremica Imperium, this will crush the fear of the new leaders. The new leaders are arrogant and prideful and are trying to gain support from the Armada. That is all I know about what we can do sir." He relaxed a bit, he knew that maybe he could avenge his father as well as his people.

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