Killing time

Location - Warp - Olian Cloud

Kali spent more her time doing small fixes to her fighter. Gideon had offered to have the Mech's help but she had refused politely. She liked to work the Gray Lady herself.
The ship had suffered some damage. The only part she could not fix immediately was the landing gear which would need to be totally replace.
She kept her eyes peeled from any message from Zedichez and the location of the auction. But nothing so far. So she threw herself into doing little jobs around the shuttle bay of the Dragonfly and fixed the little parts of her vessel she could to pass the time.

Her wound had healed completely now and she no longer need any pharma for the pain. In her down hours she would spend her her temporary quarters and some times talking with Walker in the galley over some food or coffee.
Gideon she hardly ever saw and quickly understood both men liked their solitude. They were a strange duo, and from what she gathered had not travelled together for long.
Both clearly were running from something. Trying to find something new to run towards.

Walker eventually started to ask her more about the auction and details of their commission Kali decided she should trust him and showed him the item she had been collecting from Dobu station.
One night when they were alone in the galley, she placed a square lacquered electric blue box, 20 centimetres across.
"Took me a long time to find these." she said opening the box. Inside it 2 oval like polished stones, with blue and black swirling colours. They were small enough to fit in the palm of ones hand.
"They are called the Agax Twins." she started. "No one knows where they come from and I have found records of their presence across several civilisations in the last aeon."
"What do they do?" Walker asked looking at the hypnotic swirling colours that waned and waxed.
"They were used for long distance communication. If you hold one stone here and another being holds its twin, no matter where you are in the galaxy, you can communicate telepathically."
Walker raised his eyebrows. "You jest, surely?"
Kali smiled. And handed Walker on of the stones. He took it gingerly. She grinned at his disconfort.
Kali picked up the twin stone and closed her eyes.
~Don't drop it...~ she thought into his mind.

Walker eyes widen and placed the stone back in its box.
"That was weird." he drank the rest his coffee smiling nervously. "That must be priceless."
"Everything has a price." she closed the box and put it away. "This will be my last card at the auction.
"What could be worth such a treasure?" Walker asked genuinely curious.
She locked eyes with her saviour.
"A fragment of the Atlas..." she whispered almost as if in pray.

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