Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

Supreme Leader listened to the Captain's explanation looking furtively to Fleet Admiral Stanko.
It did not bode very well to the Dremica if 90% of the population was being held hostage to fear of a small part of their number.
But maybe that could work in their advantage. He nodded at the Admiral signalling he had heard enough.

"Captain Zenkar. We thank you for candid words." The Admiral started. "You and your vessel are hereby re-assigned to Task Force Devos under my command. The rest of the Fleet will continue their normal patrolling duties. Deployment orders will be issued soon." he said and moved to the Dremica.
"In the meantime you and your crew are to take some R&R. You are to stay in Cornidia for the duration and be available to be recalled at a moment's notice."
The young Captain stood and saluted still confused about what this could all be about.
He turned to leave before Supreme Leader's Denoslav rang in its ears.

"Oh and Captain. One last thing." the man started slowly but with steely determination. There was no mistaking the order. "That talk about 'Red Fury' is to be forgotten for the time being and not be repeated again. Are we clear?"

The Dremica Captain nodded and moved away from the office wondering what the USSF were planning for the Dremica.

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