Idle Hands

Location - Ochaek system - Olian Cloud

The supergiant red star that had once dominated the system was long gone. Aeons ago, the massive star ran out of nuclear fuel and it could no longer sustain its own weight and began to collapse.
Very little is know about the system, how many planets once orbited that long gone star, if life rose from the primordial ooze of its worlds and if any civilizations thrived here in this forgotten corner of the galaxy.
Early spacefarers learned to avoid this system due to its complex gravitational tides and forces from the massive black hole at it's core. Today the Oachek system was no more that a curious albeit dangerous place in the Olian Cloud, attracting the odd scientist and researcher once in a while.

It was the perfect meeting rendezvous place for Zendichez's auction. Very specific instructions had been shared with those attending to translate into the system at its edges as to avoid the massive pull of the maw of darkness.
By the time the Dragonfly translated into the system, other vessels were dotted across space waiting for further instructions.
Walker looked at the instruments and their scanners. Next to him Gideon performed several last minute checks to ensure they were not in any imminent danger.
"Scans showed several other vessel in the region..." Walker said looking at the instruments. "But we cannot get any lock on them because of the huge energy spikes of accretion from the black hole. Output at 40%."
Gideon nodded. Behind them Kali stood looking at the massive black hole that dominated the view of their cockpit even at such massive distance.
"Maintaining position at 27 AU." Gideon stated. "Radio auspex silent. All nominal systems working within acceptable parameters."

All they had to do now was wait...

Since they had time while they waited, Gideon ran a variety of systems checks on every system of the ship. He checked the scanners first and made some adjustments to compensate for the distortions that interfered with them. Then he Checked on the life support systems to make sure they were stable and not damaged. As he guessed he found some ionizing effects in the air and made the needed adjustments to fix that. Ionized air would lead to a lot of other issues like an ozone build up and could affect the computers in larger doses.

Once he made his adjustments he turned to the shielding and noticed it required some tweaking as well. So he reconfigured the array to re-modulate the polarity to an acceptable parameter and improve the shield density. Then he moved to a systems check on the weapons and found the distortion had affected the targeting systems and timing of the firing systems. This required a bit of time as he completely wrote a software patch to compensate for the distortion since they were in enemy territory now and needed all the edges they could get.

Once he finished that he ran a systems check on the minor systems and found they too needed a systems patch to compensate for the distortions. This took some time since he had several smaller systems to write patches for. Gideon was a busy bee as he worked hard mentally. However to Kali and Walker it looked like he was simply meditating in his chair. Walker had a good idea that Gideon was messing with the ship since he saw it before but Kali was new to Gideon's skills and didn't truly grasp them.

Then Gideon ordered the 4 mechs to their charging pods so he could upgrade their software as well. He added a piloting and space combat program from scratch as a back up in case they needed a rescue. Now the Mechs could fly the ship in combat, fix the ship, perform medic skills, secure cargo, charge themselves and report to Walker and Gideon as needed. Since they looked old and worn out they would be underestimated by any enemy. The four mechs may look cheap on the outside, but the inside they were top of the line battle mechs. Gideon had also added a tool set in each one so they could make repairs as needed.

Gideon had a hard time sitting idle during times like this and felt more relaxed while making upgrades or repairs since it would increase the odds of his survival. Since he was in charge of the maintenance on the Dragonfly he was slowly upgrading the ship to get better slowly and surely. Since it was a mid tier ship he had his hands full with the upgrades. Of course it would be easier if he had better materials to work with, but he felt they would find them later on. So for now he would tinker when he had down time.

After several hours Walker made some coffee for everyone and put Gideon's in the cupholder on his chair since he was focused. Walker was glad Gideon added the cup holders on the chairs since it was a nice upgrade especially for long and quiet trips in space. Kali eventually got curious as to why Gideon was sleeping in his chair and Walker told her he was connected to the ship. She was a bit taken back since she didn't see any cables and figured he was wireless. Then Gideon opened his eyes and thanked Walker for the coffee as he sipped it. Gideon told Walker he had to make some adjustments to compensate for the distortions before he drank his coffee and went to get more. Walker thanked him for the hard work before Kali asked Walker about Gideon. Walker humored her a bit but told her Gideon was a private guy with a lot of talent in the tech department. Eventually Gideon came back with more coffee and sat in the navigation chair again. He looked at Kali and nodded before he looked out the window again.


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