Zendichez Station

Location - Ochaek system - Olian Cloud

Walker looked around completely dumbfounded. When the small station had translated into the system a few hours ago and instructions received that they could now board he had for a few heartbeats looked confused at the communication.
The Station was quite small compared to what he had expected. He was no bigger than a small asteroid, oval in shape and dark in colour.

Kali and the other buyers had been escorted deeper into the station my a group of service androids while their crew complements waited near at the docks.
Strict guidelines had been give to those waiting and that they were not to attempt to leaving the docking area.
Everywhere he looked he saw battle droids standing at attention and keeping an eye on their guests.
Walker saw a vessel belonging to the Kursia Autocracy of the Vaz system, its gold and reds glimmering. A couple of Marbian soldiers from the Echar Loc faction passed him by in their green olive uniforms, nodding to him.

Many ships and beings he did not even recognise. There were about 20 other small vessels aboard the space station but one in particular caught his eye. In the far corner of the space dock a black and purple single pilot fighter stood out like a sore and everyone else gave it a wide breath.
Walker stood there looking at the banner of The Armada stencilled on it's curved wings.
Memories of the Bloodshed Uprising and especially from the Battle of the Silence System rushed him. He stood there has if looking at a demon from his past.

A hand touched his shoulder and he span around ready to defend his assailant.
"I knew it was you, Walker." the man told him laughing.
Walker blinked away the memories of fire and blood and focused on the man's face. He was wearing a battlesuit with the insignia of the USSF.
"Elevation?" he said surprised at seeing his old comrade. "What are you doing here?"

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