Yellow Letters

Excert from Sunlion's field journal random entries

It was cold as hell in this planet. Ship crashed, had to fix it, or else face death.

Rich place, I can tell. Nice landscape, blue snow and lots - lots - of trees.

Good font of carbon, some Thamium9 and good source of Plutonium - specially in caves.

Iron everywhere. Zinc too.

Here and there big massive rocks of gold. Might be worth mining some for bartering.

Big chunks of Heridium. But you got to walk long. I mean, if there's anyone reading.


A few animals, all of them pacific so far. They were really scared of me when I approached. Nothing abnormal.

They were small, protruding torso, retracted belly. Walked funny. Called them Grenicios. One, different, was pretty big, funny head. That's a reason to be called Bucetes Capitis. Don't ask why.

Well, I'll catalogue all later.


Decided to call this place Rubrinox. At night temperatures dropped to minus 70.
Stayed up in the cockpit of my ship trying to keep warm, scraed to fall asleep. Amazing blood sky, under a violet clouds.


Learned some word here from some ancient pillars. System is Vodskopyornya. Weird name. Registered that way.

Have juice enough to go far now. Seems like I've contacted someone.

In between a few planets - one I called Yellow Summerset, and despite the obvious reason, sounds peaceful, but there are some violent creatures I called Viles. Some of them have fangs. Huge variety of flora and fauna.


So finally I reached another beautiful and curious planet. Red ground, pointed plants. Small bulbs on the floor. Called them Abrobas. And found them around other planets in the same system. those of hot atmosphere (see appendix 2). Abrobas here were infernal. Named the big leaves as Devil Ears. Others, Dragonfangs.

Why those names? At night, temperature is nice. Under the blood red sky of Vodskopyornya, all planets at night are red. Funny, all are Rubrinox, somehow.


Anyway, during daytime, temperature goes crazy. Almost 80s. Nice that the planet had enough Titanium, and some I got in Summerset. My exosuit coolant is working overtime.

That's why I called this planet Daegon. Typical Vodskopyornya night, red ground, hot as hell during days. Draconian.

Met an alien fella, one that I got from the signal I followed here, a place I called Planes of the Dragon Blood. I think I met one in Summerset. So many travels, starting to mess my perception or is it simply the hot weather?

Oij, is his name. Nice guy, exchanged some of that gold I mined for some hyperdrive blueprints Guess I'll keep moving.

I'll miss Daegon and Rubrinox.

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