Pondering Life Choices

Location - Ochaek system - Olian Cloud

Gideon analyzed the coordinates before he entered them. He wanted to be sure it was not a trap or test. Sometimes distortions could mess up the scanners and work out like a trap for the unsuspecting victims. Seeing as they were legit, he didn't see an issue heading for the small space station.

Walker looked around completely dumbfounded. When the small station had translated into the system a few hours ago and instructions received that they could now board he had for a few heartbeats looked confused at the communication.
The Station was quite small compared to what he had expected. He was no bigger than a small asteroid, oval in shape and dark in colour.

Gideon: We will be there shortly.

Walker: pretty small for a space station.

Gideon: True but it may be a temporary residence for this deal.

Walker: That makes sense then.

Kali: Just let me do the talking since we won't be alone, but keep you ears and eyes open just in case one of the others gets any crazy ideas.

Walker: Don't need to tell me twice.

Kali and the other buyers had been escorted deeper into the station by a group of service androids while their crew complements waited near at the docks.
Strict guidelines had been give to those waiting and that they were not to attempt to leaving the docking area.
Everywhere he looked he saw battle droids standing at attention and keeping an eye on their guests.
Walker saw a vessel belonging to the Kursia Autocracy of the Vaz system, its gold and reds glimmering. A couple of Marbian soldiers from the Echar Loc faction passed him by in their green olive uniforms, nodding to him.

Gideon sat on a crate with Walker drinking a cup of coffee served by Beta, one of their mechs. Gideon was going over system reports on his data pad while Walker was watching the area. Both men were on edge since they were not far from the competition. As a precaution Gideon placed a small stealth mechanical bug in the form of a spider the size of a small toe nail in Kali's clothing. If things went bad they would need to rescue her ASAP.

Many ships and beings Walker did not even recognize. There were about 20 other small vessels aboard the space station but one in particular caught his eye. In the far corner of the space dock a black and purple single pilot fighter stood out like a sore thumb and everyone else gave it a wide breath.
Walker stood there looking at the banner of The Armada stenciled on it's curved wings.
Memories of the Bloodshed Uprising and especially from the Battle of the Silence System rushed him. He stood there has if looking at a demon from his past.

Gideon could feel the blood lust coming from Walker as he looked up and gently spoke before sipping his coffee.

Gideon: Calm your mind Walker. There are more of them than us.

Walker: I know.

A hand touched his shoulder and he span around ready to defend his assailant.
"I knew it was you, Walker." the man told him laughing.
Walker blinked away the memories of fire and blood and focused on the man's face. He was wearing a battlesuit with the insignia of the USSF.
"Elevation?" he said surprised at seeing his old comrade. "What are you doing here?"

Gideon pretended to ignore the conversation between Walker and his comrade. In a way it was a blessing that Walker calmed down since things were getting tense a moment ago. The presence of the Armada ship was an isor to poor Walker. Gideon figured Walker was involved in the big battle and acquired some emotional scars along the way. Gideon could relate to hating the enemy as well and he was far from finishing his mission of revenge. Sadly his mission to hide rare tech like the Atlas Fragments took priority for the moment. If not for his training he would be wound up tight like Walker.

Meanwhile Kali had made her way to the meeting. All the participants were instructed to split up before they stood in a spotlight before a podium. They were then instructed to put their briefcases on the podium for verification. After checking for any traps they participants followed the directions reluctantly. A bright golden light came from under the brief cases to scan the suitcase contents. Once this was done they saw a holographic version of Zendichez pop up and he began to congratulate them on making it this far, before explaining the rules of the auction.

Back at the hanger Gideon was secretly monitoring the tiny mech spiders he had investigate the hanger and competition. Since they had a stealth mode they were hard to spot. He was recording conversations and translating them, while scanning their ships as best as they could. By the looks of it the competition was packing bigger ships with more firepower than the Dragonfly. This meant if things went south they were going to have the fight smarter in order to survive. So as a precaution he patiently had his tiny mechanical spiders infiltrate the other ships and hide in the computer consoles and engine rooms in a dormant state. This way he could use them to sabotage the other ships if they needed to escape in a hurry.

So if things did get bad Gideon could activate the tiny mech spiders to eat the circuit boards and multiply till they disabled the ship or destroyed it. If they were caught they would self destruct into acid. Gideon felt better once his spiders were in place as he sipped his coffee calmly. This way they had a plan for escape secured. However he still was very concerned about how he was going to steal the Atlas fragment. Security was very tight and he was lucky to be able to sneak his tiny spider mechs in undetected. This guy Zendichez was no push over and clearly a smart and dangerous guy. However Gideon was curious why he was willing to part with the Atlas fragment. Was it damaged, a trap or was he looking for something else that was more important to him. These questions irked poor Gideon as he sipped his coffee and read his reports.


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