The Galactic High Council

Excerpt from the Bedouin Cartographers Compendium

In a war-torn, fragmented galaxy composed of millions of hostile factions and city-states, the last 10,000 years have been an unprecedented anomaly.
A unknown galactic cabal known only as The Source, based from every corner of space, pooled their resources following the Latitude War in the galactic core, to form a Council that managed to
The Atlas proved to be more powerful and effective than they anticipated. In less than a century after gaining access to it, the Council had assembled enough raw materials, resources, and energy to disseminate any information to any government or individual willing to discover the truth.
Even the most historically powerful think-tanks were unable to deduce how the Atlas could be obtaining and storing all of this information. But used it they did.

Government cover-ups and black operations became a thing of the past. With the creation of the Council s, a state of perfect transparency was forced upon every governing body mainly upo the inner core systems. As the people of the central systems discovered that no secret was safe, a universal culture of freedom-of-information promoted peace. Violence became pointless - no military or political secret could be kept. Originally, the riots were nonstop. The violation of privacy was seen as an infraction of living rights. Eventually though, everybody realized that this way of living could end in only peaceful cooperation.

Thousands of years of peace followed. A galactic senate was founded. With the Atlas at it's core, no technological advancement seemed out of reach.
The galaxy became smaller, the edges of the map filled in. It was decided that the philosophy of this galaxy - which was named Redial by the Senate - should be spread to the entire universe.

This necessitated a project of astronomical scope - the collection of enough raw energy to fuel the creation of a bubble in space-time, that could traverse an unlimited distance in the span of an instant. Nuclear fusion was not going to be nearly enough.

An apparatus was constructed and directly inputted into the Atlas - an apparatus encircling the accretion disk of the supermassive black hole at the centre of Redial. It traversed the gap between the point of no return and the rest of the universe. Beyond the edge of the accretion disk, time ran in reverse. All light that had surrendered to the might of Redial's black hole existed in multiple points in space-time.

The subsequent harvesting of this energy represented an unlimited source of high-throughput energy. It was soon to became possible to store a bubble of space-time within portable capsules, some claimed. These capsules were to distributed to the graduates of an exploration training program focused on the dissemination of peace and prosperity to the entire universe.

Just than the first salvos of the Blooshed Uprising were felt in the outer rims and the Galaxy was never the same again...

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