Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

Fleet Admiral Stanko of the USSF stood in his war room looking at the scenarios him and his team had prepared for the upcoming invasion of the Dremica system. Looking at the holographic simulations he could not feel proud of the work they had done in such a short time.
It would come as no surprise to those that knew him. Ever since he was awarded the position of Fleet Admiral he had dreamed of a real engagement to prove his mettle.
Although he had mastered their forces during the last few years of the Bloodshed Uprising and secured many important victories of the Armadan forces keeping the homeworld safe from further incursions, he knew that there were those that behind his back wondered how he would have fared against the elite and the vanguard legions of the pirate state.
After all by the time the USSF forces started to turn the tide in their system, the main body of The Armada was far away engaging the High Council forces and the GDF near the Galactic Core and they had been left to deal with the rabble and the cast offs from the great incursion. In his own eyes they had achieved much but against feeble and unorganised opposition.

He brought up scenario Delta Dremica Epsilon. With all the information they had gathered this seemed like the best solution.
In the coming days a dozen or so stealth vessels would move into the Dremica system. They would deposit some operatives in the home planet to start a campaign of propaganda against the new tyrannical regime and try to start underground resistance cells with the natives willing to fight for the old ways mainly to disrupts infrastructures and later military operations. The stealth vessels and it's crews that were left in orbit would complement the operation by disrupting coms systems and implement a system wide communication campaign using the airwaves and networks to inform the habitants that the USSF were coming as liberators to restore the Dremica to their ways of honour.

Shortly after, the main body of their fleet would move to the outskirts of the system and implement a blockade to try and starve the usurpers of any trade and help from outside sources putting pressure on their adversaries and by default on the population to join the movement.

He brought up the schemes for the main fleet he had decide to use.
Three Dreadnoughts spear-heading the campaign, including his own flagship 'The Pride of Cornidia'. Ten battleships drawn from all member systems of the USSF, supported by thirty light and heavy battle cruisers along with a squad of frigates and 10 wings of single pilot fighters.
All simulations had concluded that it should prove more than enough.

On final detail was left. To have the Dremica Captain Zenkar Vinn, gather has many of the refugees that were currently living in the USSF systems that were willing to go back and fight for their land.
That would be a crucial factor as to not appear that the USSF was coming to conquer the Dremica.
He started drafting a message to the Captain on his new orders.

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