Location - Planet Nansur - Sygna Terminus

Daruisga Ymo stood in the bridge of the Nansur orbital platforms and looked down at the captain's body. The old fool had refused to give her the codes for the guns and she had put a bolt through his mouth. Blood and cerebral matter were splattered all over the consoles. Her crew were roughing up the other members of the Nansur defence force.
Daruisga grinned and licked her lips holstering her bolter.
Here she was in control of a network of orbitals powerful enough to stop a dreadnought in its tracks and with a world at her feet.
She and her crew had deserted The Armada just before the final battle against the High Council a few months back. They had been proud and loyal brethren once but the pillaging towards the centre and what appeared to have been a suicidal last battle against the loyalist forces was one step to many for her and others like her.
When the opportunity presented itself, she had a her crew turned from the battle. They had not been only ones. Many headed straight to their old hunting grounds in the outer rims, others like her saw a Galaxy burning. Burning with opportunity.

~ The Armada. ~ She couldn't believe that they had actually survived the conflict with the High Council and almost completely obliterated their forces. Rumours were flying about how both Councils had been murdered just before the Atlas exploded. She shrugged. Those story had the stench of the Archangels written all over it.

~Fucking Archangels...~ she thought and spat over the corpse at her feet. '
Holier than thou' bastards thinking they were better that everyone else. How she had raged when she had failed the trials. Too unpredictable and volatile. She knew the old pigs had only refused her entrance in their little club because she did not bed any of them.

She watched as her hacker rushed into the room and sat at a datastation trying to crack the controls of the platforms.
Daruisga Ymo sat at the command chair gazing at the world below and the system that essentially belonged to her and her crew now. She stretched her long athletic legs and kicked her boots off, scratching absently at the tattoo of a raven in her left breast. She caught the hacker sheepishly admiring her strong and lithe figure, knowing her skintight apparel left little to the imagination. She rolled her eyes.
"Get me control of the platforms tech rat. Or I will put your eyes out with the heels of my stilettos." she barked.

The Armada was moving out again to the outer edges according to reports but one day they would come looking for the stragglers, the deserters.
Daruisga Ymo decided she did not want to go back. Here at Nansur she would fashion herself an empire. The orbital platforms were just the beginning. From here she would raid and conquer nearby systems and gather others to her banner. Pirate Queen of Nansur had a nice ring to it she decided.

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