Dremica Imperium atttacks

Renina-32, Home world of the Dremica
Zor had seen the recording, the doomsday didn't bother, rather who was speaking. Zenkar, one of the heirs of the Three Leading Clans. Not only that, he was with the USSF. With the help of the spy, he found out that the USSF were planning on taking away his power.
Trent was beaten for his lies. He was slammed onto the ground before Zor who looked to the sky. "You said you kill him, tell me why I saw him, alive."
Trent puked out blue blood, "I shot him out into space, he should've died out there." Zor turned to face him, and kicked him in the side, "Clearly he didn't. No doubt the USSF is coming their way to take this place back." He growled, "War is coming. Maybe you have your uses, Trent." He snapped at the guards, "Clean him up, he is going to tell the people that what we saw was not Zenkar, but an impostor." One of the guards spoke up, "What proof do we have against it." Zor pulled out a decapitated head that looked like Zenkar's. "All the proof he needs, now get to work." The nodded and dragged Trent away, while taking the fake head.
Ltan walked up to his leader, "What should we do about the USSF?" Zor gave a calm smile, "I already have a plan for that. The Warheads should be crashing down about now."
Across USSF territory, large ships are moving at incredible speeds at USSF planets and civilian areas. These ships were built like battering rams, and the biggest problem about them. They weren't full with crew, but rather filled with highly explosive material, with only one Dremica slave operating it. The ships impacted in three.....two.........one.
Zenkar watched the attack, "Do they not care for rules? They attack innocent lives, for what reason?" He clenched his fist and punched the wall, "That bastard, Zor. I will make sure everyone will see what happens when you defile the Dremica, I'll break my vows just to make you suffer, demon!" His crew looked up at him in surprise, "Get me with Zanikov, I think we need to send an extermination unit."

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