Turning tide

Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

It had been a few days since the surprise Dremica attack on the USSF. Those planets that did not possess orbital defences suffered massive losses to infrastructures and thousands of casualties.
The worst day for the members of the Union since the peak of the Bloodshed Uprising.
The USSF had spent the last years reversing the worst of the damage the conflict caused and after a period of intense rationing and brutal conditions worldwide, had managed to reverse the worst of the damage caused.

With the restoration of interstellar communications, manned spaceflights, and the ability for more complex governmental structures, systems were finally emerging from the dark period. One of their main promises to the citizens of their worlds was the promise to prevent any future invasions.

The attack provoked a wave of shock and outrage among the Union's population that spread like wildfire. Not all did it give further support to the plans the USSF leadership had already prepared for the invasion of the Dremica system but it changed its original concept. If at first the USSF were coming to the Dremica as liberators and to help now they would come as a punitive force hellbent on avenge its people and destroy their would be attackers.

Two things happen at once. With no way of knowing how the Dremica had deployed so quickly against the USSF and their plans, all Dremica that were part of the military and any administrative branches were placed under arrest and brutally questioned. Many were disposed of eventually.
The populations also turned on the few refugees that had come into their borders and reports of some being killed in public lynching's were already reaching the Junta although no orders were issued to security forces to stop any acts of retribution. Dremica were being killed on the streets of the worlds as acts of revenge.
The USSF issued orders for any Dremica ships to be destroyed on sight and no further refugees wouldbe allowed in their territories.
The Junta would use these attacks to stoke the fire in the belly of their population to justify the expansion plans they had had all along.

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