Location - Asteroid in the Ferrian Rim

The Open sign which scrolled across the transparent air shield flickered to Closed as Cody began to close shop for the night. He watched the rooftop monitor as he flipped the last switch to ensure the main holo-display shut off, the words Codeman’s Ship Repair disappeared from sight.
Codeman was a nickname his mother had given him as a child, and had stuck with him since. Cody reminisced about the positive memories he had with his mother. First off, even her name, Raya, brought light to a room. Her heart was as kind as the words she spoke, and no matter how hard things got she always seemed to sacrifice her own happiness for others.
As Cody walked across the darkened shop towards the door on the left wall he called to Brigit. She got up and trotted passed him as the door opened. Inside was something resembling a modest living module. Directly on his right was the door to the washroom, and opposite to that was the bed bunk. Straight ahead the short hallway opened up into the dining area, with a small closet off to the side which held the washer and dryer.

The events of the day had taken their toll on Cody. For starters, learning that Trexin was being decimated by the mysterious plague running amok across sectors of the Galaxy. Secondly, he had not been able to reach his mother and was getting very worried.
From noon till closing time he serviced almost a dozen ships. Nothing he hadn’t done before. The first customer had no way to pay at all; with no graph, and no extra fuel, he had to detach his starboard mining laser and hand it over as payment. The rest of the customers came prepared with either fuel or parts to trade. Bartering was still the preferred method of trading away from most population centres.
One customer who came in surprised Cody when he offered a Boltcaster-SM multitool as payment for just a minor repair to his ships navigation module.

Cody placed his newly acquired multitool on the counter as he entered is dinning area. He took a box of Thera-Crisps out of the cabinet and took a handful out, placing a few on the ground for Brigit, before shoving the rest in his mouth. Leaning against the cold box, Cody pondered his next move and if he should close the place down for a while and go find his mother.

Just before Cody decided to go to bed and leave all his worries to tomorrow, a loud bang sounded from the hangar bay. Brigit jumped almost three feet in the air, and let out a menacing growl once she hit the floor.
“Stay here girl.” said Cody as he ran to the door.

When he threw it open he flicked on the light. It was dead quiet and empty, just as he had left it a minute ago. But one thing was wrong; he saw no stars when he looked out of the air shield. Not knowing what could be causing this, Cody went over to the rooftop monitor and turned it on. What he saw almost made him cough back up his Thera-Crisps. Looming over the asteroid was a Ret'K freighter, which was nearly ten times the size of his shop, and it was parked literally inches from hangar bay entrance.

Just then, the small buzzer which let him know someone was attempting to communicate went off. Cody quickly reached for the connect button and pressed it.
“Hello! Hello! It anyone in there? Please answer! We need help!” a voice sounded from the speaker.

Cody took a moment to think of how he was to respond to this situation, and then said, “This is Cody Lloyd Linderman, owner of Codeman’s Ship Repair. I don’t know if I will be able to help you. I don’t service any ship bigger than a class F-3.”

“I know! I know!” the voice hastily replied. “But we are in dire need of repairs. We were attacked by smugglers. We fought them off, but only after both port and starboard engines took massive damage. Our warp module also took some heavy hits, but looks like it can be repaired. Please, we are down to only auxiliary thrusters and won’t be able to fend off another attack! Can you help us?”
Cody didn’t know what to do; he had never worked on anything that big before. He wasn’t even sure if their systems worked the same as the small ships. But at the same time, he couldn’t just send them on their way and be vulnerable to another assault. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself after that.

“Hello? Are you still there?”

“Yes, yes. I’m still here.” Cody said in reply to the now worried voice. He had to make a decision now, they didn’t have much time. He snatched the space suit hanging on the wall and began to put it on. When it was fully zipped up he spoke into the communicator once more.
“Let me come aboard and I’ll do everything I can to help.” It was at this point that Cody finally thought about how he was to get paid for this endeavour, but the thought was eliminated from his mind when the voice replied.
“Oh thank you! Thank you so much sir! Our cargo bay is full, take anything you want at payment when this is done. Now please hurry; I’ll let you in the maintenance door, which is aligned with your hangar bay.”

As he grabbed his basic toolset from the floor, Cody smiled at the fact that he was likely in for a huge reward for this. Ret'K traded in high end goods, and were known for having some of the most valuable items you can buy stowed away in their ships. A large door on the ship opened up to reveal a long and brightly lit passageway into their ship. His heart raced as he put one foot through the hangar bay air shield, pausing briefly to yell over his shoulder. “Be back in a minute Brigit!” Then he leapt over the small gap between his asteroid and the maintenance door, and started to walk into the depths of the strange vessel.

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