Delta Cade

Location - Planet Nokag - Chu'll Expansion

Cade had walked for a couple hours now. He always lost track of time whenever he went to different planets. He looked at his GPSA; '16:20'. He then looked up at the sky, the sun was shining right above him.

"It's only noon on this planet." He sighed.

Cade then looked around, he needed a place to sleep. And although warp-space is lightning quick, it drains the body either mentally and physically. Cade spotted an outcrop. Huge pillars of rock's sprung from the ground, and as Cade got closer he felt a cold draft. ~A cave's a cave.~ he thought,
'I need to sleep, and if this is the only dark place around, then I should get some rest'. Cade traversed the rocky terrain. The deeper he went, and darker it got. Cade turned on his flashlight. Above him were stalactites, and water dripping from them. The wall's were jutted and sharp, and the floor was damp and wet.

Cade yawned, found a sort of dry spot, and eventually fell asleep.
Cade heard screaming, loud, sharp screaming. His vision blurry, it was impaired, covered by a substance. Cade wiped it off, and saw his arm, holding another's. He Looked over, and saw Yukki, terrified and horror struck. Screaming in agony. He turned around, and saw the Double Helix, flashing red light's. 'Lock-down' he thought.

"WHERES THE STASH?" A voice yelled.

Wait, this voice sounded familiar. It was his own, but darker and deeper than he remembered. He looked back at his hand, holding the forearm of Yukki. Blood splattered everywhere. All over Delta, all over himself. Slowly, he pushed Yukki's arm further into the rotor. Cade could hear bone's cracking. 'No, stop ... please ... STOP DOING THIS' Cade thought.
He couldn't control himself, he felt overwhelmed, but at the same time, excited. He wanted to push the entire arm into the rotor, to have it all disassembled and cut into little pieces. Then again, wouldn't it be nice if these screams lasted a little longer? Yukki, screamed as Cade pushed his arm further, into the spinning instruments of improvised torture. The arm Cade was holding was almost gone. Cade grabbed Yukki, and poured cleaning alcohol all over the nub.

"GAAAAAAAAAAHHHGGH" Half gargling on his own blood, half screaming, Yukki managed to spit the words;

"Stick it where the sun doesn't shine."

Cade threw Yukki to the ground, and stepped on the nub that was once his arm. With the right finished, he grabbed the left arm by the pointer finger, and stuck it into the spinning blades. All Cade could think of was to stop, to let Yukki go. He had sodium pentothal, or 'Truth Serum' in a compartment of Delta, 'Use that instead, Use that instead' He repeated, but it could only be heard in his mind. 'No' Cade thought, 'This was too much fun.'
Cade woke up in a cold sweat. He put his hand's to his head, curled up, and threw up.

"What have I become?" he asked himself. It echoed through the chambers of the cave, taunting him as it repeated.

'What have I become... What have I become...'

A broken man, Cade thought, who enjoys nothing but the sound of someone else's screaming. This was against the Tridef's, against his moral judgment, but he still did it. Not even giving him a proper burial, not even that you could on a space station, but he just left him there. For all the people at the Double Helix to see.

His thoughts grew quiet. The voice stopped. It was only Cade now. No more of this foul demon had a say in the way Cade lived his life. He would train, he was getting weak, but the way it wanted to train, just wasn't right. The incident back at the Double Helix was a mistake. He looked at his leather notebook, and turned to the page where Yukki said his stash was.

Blood stained, but still readable. Cade was close, but he didn't know how close. He got up and walked forward. Click-Clack-Click-Clack-Reee-Click-Clack Cade paused. What at first sounded like footsteps hitting stone, in the middle of it was a creaking of wood. He took two steps back. 'Reee' Cade heard it again. He got down on his knee's, and found a latch. He opened it. Turning on his flashlight Cade saw a ladder leading downwards.

"Yukki you sly devil" he murmured.

Cade walked down the ladder, and faced two doors. He pushed them opened, and light's flickered on. There, standing before him, was a hangar, hg=uge hangar with space for 20 single pilot vessel. The ceiling was high, and made of metal. No doubt that was how to get in and out of here. If only he could find the switch.

He smiled as he realised how Yukki had managed to keep so much of the original stash. He hads a vessel buried underneath Eidera III surface.
Now all he needed was to find a way out of this planet.

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