The Hunt

Location - Algyn Nebula

Ahl felt the warm morning sun fill his eyes. He quickly rolled to the side and cursed the bright light. It took him a moment of blinking for his rum-soaked eyes to focus on his surroundings. He was laying in a field of red grass surrounded by small spiked trees. He staggered to his feet and looked down at the small puddle of bodily fluids beneath him, "This is not my beautiful house."
Ahl said raising his hand to shield his eyes. Some ships flew by in a group heading off world and Ahl thought to himself, "Where does that skyway go to?" His staff stood beside him, lodged in the side of a dog-sized creature long dead.
"My god! What have I done?" Ahl said removing the staff. An electronic pad scrolling with information on local beasts sat next to his pool of bile. He reached into his pocket for some rum but pulled out a crumpled envelope instead, "Oh yes, this invitation. That's why I'm out here," he gave his cannon leg a pat, "needed to practice for this upcoming hunt."

The envelop looked aged with a large number 4 on the front next to Ahl's name in fancy hand writing. The back was sealed with a large imprint of two massive creature heads held by a man, arms raised above his head. The letter instantly intrigued Ahl when he received it. He had never seen this symbol before and could hardly find any record of it in the entire Armada database. The best he could judge was that from the words inside, it was an ancient order of master hunters who celebrated every 50 years with a special hunt for those they deemed worthy to join. It would be held in a few days and could last an entire season according to the letter. It also instructed it's recipient to notify their family that they may never return. Ahl held the envelop tightly and sighed, "Rord, I will find us a way home. And I will patch your program back together so that when we reach our universe once more, you will have your body once again."

Ahl raised the letter along the ecliptic path the sun would follow over head. As he passed the 90 degree mark, he turned and dropped another 15 degrees. He slid his hand to the left and squinted his eyes, "The Algyn Nebula lies over there," his hand emitted a faint purple translucence as he spoke, "The hunt will take us to the very heart of that nebula, and I will discover the source of my resurgence of this slight magical tether still lingering to this old sorcerer." He tucked the letter back into his coat and found the bottle of rum he had been searching for earlier. As he popped the cork out, he poured some on the ground then began to drink from the bottle while he surveyed for more beasts in the field.

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