Invoke war

Renina-32, Home world of the Dremica
Zor looked at the recordings of how the USSF had reacted to his attack. Everything had gone completely to plan. The people of the USSF had reacted in rage and slaughtered many innocent Dremica, many of which were previously supporters of the USSF. Many other refugees had begin to come back to Renina-32 as supporters of the Dremica Imperium.
How did he know about the USSF's plan? He had spies, however his spies weren't Dremica, they weren't even flesh. Zenkar would have caught them, he knew that. However no one would expect tiny spy drones that look like flies, a gift he got in his time in exile. His face smiled as he saw the USSF leaders plan the Dremica demise, unknowingly giving the Dremica Imperium an advantage.
Many Dremica settlements that attempted to be separate begin to band together with the Dremica Imperium, other civilizations that weren't with USSF allied with them. Zor had told them all a beautiful lie that they all believed, the attack was not on purpose, rather it was a way for the USSF to invoke war, by hijacking cargo ships and crashing them into USSF planets to make it seem like a declaration of war. To Zor's pleasure, the lie worked.
The people were outside his fortress, chanting out his name, "Emperor Zor, Emperor Zor, Emperor Zor!" Zor finished dressing himself up in his outfit, a black armoured suit with a red imprints, a long red Cape behind it. He had changed the plan he had for Trent, making it seem that Zenkar was never actual attack by Trent. With Zenkar's execution coming up, many would support Zor in his conquest to bring down the USSF.
Zor began walking out to face the crowd, cheering his name. Raising a hand he calmed his supporters down. "My brothers and sisters, a lot has happened. When I first brought order to our people, I was seen as a tyrant for my methods, but now you see why I did the things I did. To prepare everyone for an attack, much like the one the USSF has. They hijacked our cargo ships, they made seem like we provoked war, they killed many innocents, they are the monsters, not the Dremica, not the Imperium!" The crowd cheered, Zor calmed them down. "I'm having this speech broadcasted to everyone, so they know. Zanikov, The Dremica Imperium accepts your declaration of war, and we will bring everything down on your head, for we are Dremica!" The crowd cheered, "Glory of the Dremica!" Zor pointed at the camera, "You asked for this, dictator. You are the one who wants my people to burn so badly, however it won't be that way. For we are the Dremica Imperium, pray to your God while you still can."
Zor turned his attention back to his people, "Now raise your weapons, your will, your fire, and let's show these true tyrants the might of our people!" The crowd cheered, "FOR THE DREMICA IMPERIUM, FOR EMPEROR ZOR!"

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