Location - Asteroid in the Ferrian Rim

Cody had no idea where to go once he entered the Ret'K ship. He stood at the end of the long passageway he had first seen, with a closed door on either side of him. He opened up the door to his left; it was a bathroom. As he closed the door a voice sounded throughout the ship, “Mr. Linderman. Please switch your communicator to channel 78C.” Cody did this and spoke into his headset.

“This is Cody, where am I going?”

“Mr. Linderman, please take the door on your right and step into the starboard engine room. From there walk straight through and you should see a large, blast proof door. That one is the entrance to the warp module, but to get inside you need the codes to unlock it. On the left side panel the code is 2124553, the right side panel code is 8990124. Unlock the left side first, and then enter in the right side within fifteen seconds.”

Cody walked through the engine room as he listened to the Ret'K captain give him instructions. The entire place was in shambles; numerous pipes had been broken in half and leaked colorful liquids onto the floor, sparks flew from control consoles, and bodies of fallen engineers lay everywhere he looked. Most of them seemed perfectly fine, but once Cody looked up to the ceiling he understood what the problem was. About thirty feet above him was a gigantic hole in the hull of the ship, through which he could see a few dozen stars. ~Poor bastards...~ He though as he continued on his way.

As Cody stepped around a huge sheet of metal that had imbedded itself in the deck, a look of shock spread across his face. The blast door that leads into the warp module was hanging off its hinges. He chuckled and said, “Captain, that door you were talking about is wide open, and I won’t be able to close it once I’m done here.”
“That’s fine,” came the reply, “You just can’t be in there when we try turn on the module.”

The warp drive itself looked to be intact, no wires unhooked, and no apparent damage to the fusion chamber casing. He went to take a look underneath, and as he did so he rested his hand on top of the fusion chamber; instantly he jumped as a loud buzzer went off in his helmet. A message displayed itself on his visor which read
–Thermal protection disabled-.
“What the hell?” blurted Cody. “I had a full charge!” Looking down at the warp drive he thought for a moment. Then he took a small screw driver from his tool bag and went to touch the fusion chamber with the handle. It started to melt before even touching the metal. “Wow. That’s way too hot.”

Cody then looked over to the other side of the warp drive and saw the problem. The pipe which supplied coolant had a long crack in it and was leaking orange fluid. Instantly knowing what to do he climbed over to the pipe and reached into his tool bag once more, then took out a rag and a plasma torch. He wiped away the leaking fluid, pressed edge of the torch to the pipe, and turned it on. This torch was meant to weld much smaller pieces of metal, so his progress was slow. But after only ten minutes Cody felt like the crack was sufficiently sealed. He then gathered up his things and exited the module.

“Alright Captain, I think she’s good to go,” said Cody. “Run a diagnostics check and idle the warp drive for about five minutes. If everything works then you should be able to make a jump out of here.”

There was a slight pause, and then the voice spoke, “Mr. Linderman, thank you! We are in your debt! There is an elevator on your right, take it down to the cargo bay and have a look around while we check our systems. Anything that can fit inside your asteroid, you can keep.”

Cody was in the elevator and riding down before the captain could finish his last sentence. His imagination ran wild as he thought of what he might find down there, and he wasn’t disappointed when the door opened. Before him was a massive room at least two stories tall, filled to the brim with crates, fuel tanks, and countless other items he couldn’t identify.
He walked up to the nearest crate and opened it. Inside were several rows of computer chips the size of his arm, all brand new and still in their packaging. Cody took one out and inspected it; the label on the plastic said –frigate navigation motherboard-. These were navigation chips used on Ret'K support ships, each was worth at least a few thousand credits. He shook his head, although this was a great find, he had no use for parts that belonged to large ships. Cody moved further down the rows of boxes until he noticed one that was labelled differently. It had a big red stamp on the side in Orvian letters.
Not being familiar with the language he opened up the crate to see what was special about it. The sight that Cody took in almost made him cry. The crate was stuffed to the brim with blue blood diamonds of varying sizes, some as small as a finger nail, others bigger than an egg. He wondered for a second what the Ret'K were doing with such a huge quantity of illegal diamonds, but he didn’t care… He stuffed a fistful of the gems into his exosuit pockets.

Cody spent the next twenty minutes searching the cargo bay for more loot. Even though he couldn’t find any more crates as valuable as the one with the blue blood diamonds, he managed to create a decent sized pile of goods; a crate of military grade multi tools, a handful of fighter ship upgrades, some more warp modules, and a number of small boxes containing interesting looking trinkets that he thought Brigit might enjoy playing with. He even found a fully stocked tool cabinet. With all of this stuff he could build himself his dream ship.

Cody had just dragged a triple barrel mining laser onto the pile when the Captain's voice sounded again, this time over the cargo bay intercom. “Mr. Linderman, I am glad to inform you that our warp systems are fully operational thanks to you. I don’t know what you did in there, but whatever it was it worked.”
~You wouldn’t be letting me loot your cargo bay if you knew how easy that fix was.~ thought Cody.

“I will make sure the Ret'K High Command knows of your good deeds here today.” The voice continued. “With that being said, I’m sorry but we are in a hurry to get to our next destination. Whatever you have decided to keep, move to the cargo bay air lock and we will align it with your shop.”

Thirty minutes later Cody was back in his hanger bay look at the Ret'K freighter as it stretched into hyperspeed. Brigit was at his feet gnawing on one of her many new toys, and all of his looted cargo sat neatly stacked next to his apartment door. It was almost midnight, and he was exhausted. Cody arched his back and let out a long sigh. “Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh… come on Brigit, its time for bed” The happy dracimore held her chew toy in her mouth as she followed Cody into the apartment. He flicked the switch next to the door activating the two security turrets mounted on the ceiling before taking one final look around his shop.
Cody walked directly to his bedroom and flung himself onto the bed face down and let out another sigh. Brigit curled up next to him and closed first her front two eyes, then slowly the back two; and as Cody did the same his mouth curled into a smile as he thought, ~I don’t even have to open the shop tomorrow. Hell, I don’t have to open up again until I need food. Life is good.~ He then let his eyes close and he drifted into slumber.

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