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A New Home

Location - Warping towards the Galaxy Rim

Lilith walked the corridors and wide galleries of the Elder vessel, Rancour, greeting and nodding at a few now familiar faces she encountered, even exchanging some words and pleasantries with a selected few in her way to the lower holds of the capital ship. Everywhere she went man and women stopped to look at her. A few dark oiled smeared children even ran after her, following her path downwards. amazed that they looked at one of the killers of the Elder Council. Wild stories and rumours ran through The Armada and a few like her were already legends in the Armadan lore.

Many cycles ago ago when on instinct she decided to stay with Nomad in the pirate flotilla to keep an eye on their progress and goals. she had hated that people stared at her. She had always hated that. She saw lust, rage, disgust and even jealousy in their looks. The men especially, who seemed to run their eyes through her curves and drink in her beauty, with a dangerous hunger lurking behind their eyes.
Slowly however, she came to realise she had always felt like this among strangers. And that how she felt was more to do with her feelings towards herself than what others thought of her.
The more time she spent with Nomad learning of The Armada's way of life and indeed helping with the aftermath of the Bloodshed Uprising and the tool it had taken across the Galaxy, the more she realised that they too were a family, a family like the one she had found with the Ether Foxes many seasons ago.

She heard much about the brutality the pirates brought against their foes and the devastation they caused with their plunder and assimilation tactics. But she heard many stories about freed slaves and indentured peoples that were given a new lease on life and jumped at the chance to join those that fought their oppressors.
She saw awe, respect, admiration and even gratitude in their looks too after a while.

That made her even more uncomfortable than she could have ever imagined. In the beginning she did not dare to leave Nomad's shadow and people appear to avoid her, but slowly and steady. she started to interact with the crews.
One day an old shoulder woman kissed her hand and pushed an old Avik relic into her hand without saying a word.
A young man shared some protein paste with her whilst working on repairs to the starboard rail guns. A few sols later a small child wandered from her parents and raised her tiny arms to the Fox to be picked up in the galleys of the engine rooms. She had a lump in her throat the whole day after that incident and only broke down in tears and violent sobs with the memories it brought back when she reached her quarters.

As she used an old escalator to reach the lower levels of the aft section of the Rancour she shook her head and grinned. She remembered how he had let her cry in silent and stroking her hair with a calloused hand not saying a word.
"They feel like holes in our soul, the losses we endure, but they are actually what keeps us together." He had told her eventually before she drifted to sleep.

How this brute could speak to her soul and to her heart was a mystery to her. And so she stayed. Telling herself that with Finn presumed dead, she had little else waiting for her and that a new path lay ahead.
He made no efforts to try to know her or even understand her. He cared nothing for her past or the accumulation of experiences and hurts that made Lilith who she was.
He took what she gave and returned it in kind. Never assuming, never expecting or demanding, but drawing her ever close with his occasional words and actions that would sometimes make her feel like there was more to their union than the c0ongress of flesh.

She crossed a small area that acted as a market of wares for the lower levels of Rancour, where traders and peddlers bartered their goods. The small crowd parted as the now familiar figure of Lilith crossed, walking among the brethren. She wore a black exosuit that hug her sumptuous figure with dark green stripes over her legs and arms. Two twin barrelled Turyonrader hand guns swung from holsters around her hips. The suit, a gift from the Black Finger Lodge. Over her chest hang the Khukri crossed knives necklace, symbol of the first Archangel.

A shout came from a stall. "Ta`ala..." Lilith spun and caught an Ingara fruit thrown to her with lightening reflexes. The man bowed his head slightly and smiled. Many now referred to her in the old archaic Void word for Fox.
Lilith smiled and continued her walk towards the new camp she had helped established. She would give the fruit to one of the little ones. Fresh fruit was quite rare in The Armada and the man could have traded it for at least 3 sol ration of protein paste.

Sometime later she arrived at section Emminbar. There was only a few families here, no more than 15 souls, but she was glad they had accepted the safe haven The Armada extended to all pirates and outlaws. Here in a corner of Rancour, a few Ether Foxes would survive and live on. Their history and linage unbroken.
A couple of little ones ran in her direction as her familiar figure entered their enclave, laughing and shouting her name.

A New Home...

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