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Summary: "...Wanna play?"


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Gender: Little Lady

Age: Seven months

Group: Awoken


Species: Canis Lupus Familiaris
Breed: pug

Physical Appearance

A typical fawn pug puppy. Perfectly cute, but upon critical inspection, she has inferior genetics. At least according to the breed standard.

She's a runt, nearly to her full size, but still a bit small for a pug.

She has a subtle scar along her femur, and her fur around it still has a noticable square from where it was shaved for surgery.

Personality and interests

She's clever when she wants something, but ultimately, she is still a puppy. She's fiesty and wild and has the intelligence of a small child. Her vocabulary is limited.

She has no sense of how to read a room and only tends to think about things from her own perspective. She's practically a toddler.


Sold at a discount by a breeder, survived a bout of parvo, then abandoned for an expensive hip problem, BB has had it rough for a little lady.

Having plenty of funds for a little hip surgery, the lab picked her up for their experiments.

She doesn't understand much of what's happening. She just knows she's been sick and she's been hurt and that this place is like the vet.

She's always hated being in a kennel, but suddenly, she can think about why.

Favourite Sayings

"But I don't wanna be alone... Can't I come with you?"

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Image of BB
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