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Summary: "If knowledge is power, I am going to need a lot of it."


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Gender: female

Age: 2-3 she doesn't really know "what is the point of counting days?"

Group: Awoken


vulpes vulpes, fox.

Physical Appearance

Mostly black with shades of dark brown and silver mixed in her fur, as well as white spots on her tail and paws. blue-purple eyes and small stacher.

Personality and interests

Ebony is critical and untrusting, but she has a soft spot for any kind of kit. She is rational, strategic and doesnt like making decisions without all the facts. Tends to act cold but care deeply.


It was quiet when Ebony woke in her tiny cage, set in front of one of her mazes, the door ajar. but she didint smell anyone, no humans prodding at her to run it, witch was fine by her. She was sick of mazes, racing against rats and what not. She felt different, like shed been asleep her whole life and was now seeing the world clearly. After scanning the room and seeing no other creatures in the lab that held her prison, she set to finding an exit, hopefully returning to the wild.

Encountering far too many rounded door knobs, the small black fox decided to travel by air vent, prying them open with a metal human tool and easily crawling through due to her small stacher.

(I dont know if this is what you wanted, its my first time playing one of these! hopefully this will do.)

Favourite Sayings

"And, why should we trust them?" "I need reasons." "Explain/Elaborate."

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Image of Ebony
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