The Trap

As Owen worked the latch the chimp inside continued to whimper.

"It's okay," Owen said. "We'll help you get out of there... wait..." Then he realized that the latch was already unlocked. Owen was confused, only to suddenly get a bolt of panic as a net came falling over him and Davis.

September too was attacked, as a large chimpanzee came down from the ceiling and landed on him, holding him down with strong hands.

"No! Let go!" September shouted.

"Quiet!" The chimp said in a hushed voice. "The less you struggle the less pain you will be in!"

More chimps came out of hiding spots all throughout the lab. They gathered Owen and Davis in the net while they worked to tie September's legs with strips of wire. While the chimp who had been calling for help clambered out of the cage.

"Good work guys!" The chimp said. "Let's head back... These three will make a fine addition..."

The group of chimps made off with their quarry, however, they had not noticed they had missed the snow leopard and small pug who had been perched on a ledge outside of the lab... no doubt the two had become aware of what had befallen their comrades...

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