Crashing the meeting

Watching from the ventilation ducking above. Gizmo wondered how he was going to get out of this place him self. He knows of the area the fuzzy humanoid was talking about. thinking even gizmo knew going down there was not a good idea, well alone. The freaky humans had used him for experiments use him for sneaking into places and using his hands to place a box here and there. but that was all a blur now.

He could help them if they would take him with them when they left the lab. He just did not know how to ask or intrude himself. and when would be a good time to ask. Thinking more he could go in and maybe help the one under the net. But the fuzzy guy with the gun and his friends would get him. he had to move to get a better view of the area. This old rundown place had enough of its own problems.

Theme song

Giving his last look Gizmo started to move silently through the ducking he got to the other side of the room behind the snow leopard and its friends. There was always safety in numbers, and they had numbers.

He kept moving trying to see more hear more of that they were saying. Trying to get in to a good position. There was a loud metal bending and braking noise then a hiss. O, shit! With a boom as part of the ventilation ducking fell dust rose from the pile of tangle metal laying there. after a few coughs and a sneeze. A small paw lifts out of the rubble “Ouuuch, that hurt” said raspy, breathy, soft voice. As another paw lifts up then a head of a Racoon emerges from the rubble. With a shake it revolves the dust from its fur. “Ow, hi guys” he says looking up from where he fell from then back at the others in the room. “Well, this is embarrassing. I did not mean to drop in on your meeting. So, don’t mine me I will just lay here and moan in pain.” He said trying to laugh but turned in to a few coughs. The Racoon just smiles. And lays its head down on some rubble.

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