BB snarled, not letting go of the huge tough paw. "No no no!" she growled angrily. "No no! Not done! No!" She shook her little head violently, refusing to let go. She was upset. She wasn't sure at what exactly. She was upset at everything, really, and it was overwhelming her. She was upset that she couldn't beat Snow, she was upset that nobody wanted her to have Bunny, she was upset at the scary monkey, she was upset at always being cooped up in her kennel, she was upset she wasn't home anymore, and she was upset that Bunny was all she had left of that.

Davis stepped forward. "BB... Calm down. Settle down, it's alright." He looked up at Snow. "Snow, this is all rather harsh, don't you think? Maybe the situation does demand it, but she is only a child, afterall. You can't expect her to act any other way."

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