problem solver

Gizmo looked on in all as Snow and BB had their little competition. “Well then I will solve this little problem, give it up kid you lost.” he says as he walks over to the rubble pile. He pulls some thin electrical wire out of it with a quick snap of his mouth he cuts it. he goes over to bunny. He swiftly ties the front paws together and slips his head through the tied front paws. “I can’t stand to watch kids cry” He says grumbling. Walking back to the rubble pile he digs some more “Found it!” yells the Trash panda. pulling a small vest out of the rubble it has some assorted tools in its pockets. He dusts it off looks it over then puts it on. He turns around looking at the group. “So, if you want to call me Trash Panda make sure you say it with respect, when do we leave?” he says walking back to Snow.

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