Giving in to a Tantrum is Never a Good Idea

Davis hopped back with a squawk. He was smart enough to know not to get in the leopards way.

At Snow's orders, BB only gave an indignant little snarl. She didn't care that Snow was bigger and stronger than her. She was angry and everyone would know it. At the sight of Gizmo offering to take Bunny with them, however, her demeanor vanished. She practically spat out Snow's paw with a little "bleh" from her tongue as her tail started wagging. "Bunny!! We take Bunny??"

Davis sighed. He didn't like seeing the little dog upset either, but in his opinion, giving in to her was a huge mistake. Now they'd likely never be rid of the useless rabbit shaped burden, and BB would be getting her way. "We shouldn't be wasting so much time... Let's just get going."

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