Kill the elevator

September looked to Snow and Ice. "Well I guess we found the little one. Pretty nice to find them just as we get here. However, we have a problem. We can't let Cecil have these guns, but he's the only one with a key to the elevator that'll take us out of here. Does anyone know what we should do?"

Scratching his chin Gizmo looks around and back at the elevator “well, I guess we break the elevator?” Walking that way Gizmo looks it over the area. “How did the humans put it, and then run like hell. When Cecil finds out he will try to kill us no doubt about it.” said the trash panda. Walking closer sniffing and looking at the elevator cage door. “I think this is a cargo elevator open top type. There should be a control box somewhere here” he walks over to a panel off to the side. Standing on his hind legs he looks. “Can’t see good but I think we can lock it from this side if we have a key.” Cut the power to the elevator that should be down here to, but it would be to high and hard to pull down for us, I think.” He walks around thinking “well it would take a sometime could take the back panel off the control panel I could rewire some and maybe stop them from using it. Am not the boss, so it is up to you all.

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