Ebony thought this was as good a time as any to reveal herself, after all, lurking in shadows was not a good way to get someone to take you with them, she reminded herself. She surveyed the group once more. A rat much like the ones she would race, two birds, a large racoon, a fox much bigger than her, a, snow leopard? yes, that was what they were called, actually, two. A leopard kit, and a puppy, what were these babies doing here? Ebonys disgust with the white couted humans grew, poor babies. The small fox shook her head, clearing her thoughts, she had too focus. If this Cecil had the key to their escape, they would just have too relieve him of it. But judging by what the rat said, that was going to be difficult.

Stepping into the light, she jumps headlong into the discussion, without introduction. "Giving these death dealers, too anyone with hands is quite dangerous, I agree, but if you intentionally anger this, Cecil, how do you suppose we get what we need from him?" she asked, her voice steady and her head held high.

"I cannot be bothered to remember my name here, but my true name is Ebony, perhaps I could help?"

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