Words of peace

Gizmo changed his stance getting ready to pounce. "Watch your self stranger." Gizmo hissed.

"You needn't get defensive, I mean none of you harm." Though her new, unexpected vocabulary spoke of peace, Ebony tensed, ready to defend herself if need be. She apprased her would-be opponent, should they fight she wouldn't leave unharmed, but she'd leave alive, if the raccoon's comrades stayed out of it. But chances were they wouldn't , so she had to play nice. "I simply wish to travel with you, if you intend to leave this place. I could be of use to you as well." The fox stood still, fighting the urge to get defensive herself, as much as she hated to admit, she needed these creatures. Ebony glanced at the others, hoping they believed her and that she had not scared the little ones too bad with her sudden appearance.

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