When Snow told BB that she was supposed to be behaving the way the new leopard was, she tilted her head, her ears flopping. She didn't understand. What was Ice doing differently?

Then Ice began to chase the new bird, trying to catch it. She turned to Davis, who read her thoughts.

He gave her a stern look and shook his head. "No," he said simply, before going to Gizmo. "Think about this. If you shut down the elevator, how are the rest of us supposed to get out of here? Miss 'Bones' and I may be able to, but what about the rest of you? Not all of you can climb, let alone the sheer walls of the elevator shaft or the elevator cables."

He began to walk around, trying to think of a plan and muttering to himself. "Guns.... Guns... Elevator.... Bullets... Monkeys...."

This was when the newcomer made her entrance.

He eyed her with caution, but chose to trust her, at least for tge moment. He doubted Cecil had enough charisma to recruit or fool any animal outside of his own genus into working for him. Unless they were particularly dumb.

"Yes, yes, welcome, Ebony." He said, almost sounding dismissive. "I'm thinking we're going to need numbers for this... I have a bit of a plan coming together if you're all willing to hear me out." He fluttered up onto a crate so his small dark form could be heard and seen. "Cecil only had one gun. He wants access into here to get more, right? Judging by his treatment of us, he sees us as little more than tools. As soon as we're not useful to him, as soon as we let him in here, we can all agree he's very likely to kill us, yes?" He waited for aggreement and nodded at recieving it. "But unless Gizmo here knows how to get the elevator working rather than breaking it, we need that key card. Maybe there's more than one. I'd think there would have to be, but we can't get most of these damned doors open. We can't say how long it would take to scower the place via vents to find one. The longer we're here, the hungrier and weaker we'll get, the more dangers we'll encounter.

"Here's my proposition. Cecil only has one gun. Guns like that can only fire so many bullets. Less than a dozen, if not half that, I think. If... If we can get him to waste his bullets, it will leave him defenseless to an animal as strong and fierce as Snow, here. If we can manage to catch him off gaurd and get him to waste his bullets... If we're fast enough... We can't outrun bullets, but we can outrun his aim. It's likely somebody will get hurt, but... It may be our only option: Make him run out of bullets. After that... Yes, he's big and strong and so are his friends, but we have Snow. Despite what he thinks, we can outsmart him." He finished and waited nervously for input.

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