The Shadow Solution

September regarded the fox with surprise. "Umm... hello. I am September. This is Owen..." The other introduced themselves in turn before September spoke again. "You're welcome to join us. We're all trying to get out of this lab and to the outside... however we've hit a snag. The one elevator to the surface is locked by a key card. And Cecil, the gun-toting monkey, has it. But he sent us here to get him new guns and ammunition without us knowing. We need to figure out a way to keep him from getting these guns...he wouldn't use them for defense..."

"Here's my proposition. Cecil only has one gun. Guns like that can only fire so many bullets. Less than a dozen, if not half that, I think. If... If we can get him to waste his bullets, it will leave him defenseless to an animal as strong and fierce as Snow, here. If we can manage to catch him off gaurd and get him to waste his bullets... If we're fast enough... We can't outrun bullets, but we can outrun his aim. It's likely somebody will get hurt, but... It may be our only option: Make him run out of bullets. After that... Yes, he's big and strong and so are his friends, but we have Snow. Despite what he thinks, we can outsmart him." He finished and waited nervously for input.

September shook his head. "We can't ask anyone to take that risk!"

Owen nodded. "Yeah, it's not right. However... if we could maybe get him to aim at something else..."

September frowned. "What're you thinking?"

"We use Shadow..."

Everyone looked at Owen like he was insane. However, it was a plan just crazy enough to work...

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