'"Yes, yes, welcome Ebony."' '"You're welcome to join us..."'

Ebony sat, curling her tail around her paws and staring at the other creatures for a moment. Welcome? Was it really that easy? Were they being naive, or was she just too cynical?

She listened as the red fox confirmed what she had suspected, a monkey held they're escape, and they had to get it. The ravens proposal was dangerous, a gamble, Ebony hated games of chance, especially when there were lives on the line, but it seemed to her, to be the only option.

September shook his head. "We can't ask anyone to take that risk!"

Ebony agreed on some level, but again, she did not see another way out. She did not want it to be, but it would probably be her. She was expendable at this point, they had no attachment to her, plus, she was small, dark, and fast, she was the most obvious candidate to her.

The black and white rat atop the other foxes back spoke up. "Yeah, it's not right. However... if we could maybe get him to aim at something else..."

A foreboding look settled on September's face, whatever Owen was about to say, he didn't appear to like. "What are you thinking?"

"We use Shadow..."
Shadow? Ebony let out a quiet growl at yet another unknown variable. Whoever shadow was the animals in front of her did not like the mention of them. But if this 'Shadow' could play tag with the monkeys gun instead of her...

"Who, or what is 'Shadow'?" she said irritably. Realizing it was never mentioned if their prymate adversary was alone in his indvers, she asked about that as well.

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