Bones' feathers ruffled at Gizmo's comment about her. Of course it troubled the vulture that she could not speak any other words, but she could not help it. She had attempted many times since waking to say what was on her mind, only to hear her name pop out of her beak. To say it was frustrating was an understatement.

As for What Davis and Owen both suggested she did not like either plan. They both were decently thought out, she admitted, but she did not like the risk of them suffering pain. These were the first animals to show her some form of kindness, especially the cub, Ice. The child may have already developed a habit of chasing Bones around, but the bird would protect her with her own life.

"Bones," she snapped with a flap of her wings. It was her attempt at volunteering to play distraction if the Shadow part of the plan were to fail.

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