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Summary: A Windows wallpaper. (With a tree)

Dillon's Oasis

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Age: New

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the Oasis
the Blue Beacon

Physical Appearance

A circe a mile or so wide consisting of gently sloping grassy hills. The tallest hill sits in the center with a large tree on top and a beacon of dark blue light reaching seemingly endlessly upward over it.

There is a blue sky and an artificial sun/moon over the hills that change according to the passage of time, maintaining a day/night cycle.

There is both a clock and a timer on the tree, tracking how long Dillon has been here.

There's even clouds and a slight breeze.

Personality and interests

A place to calm down out of the mental wear an endless white void can have.

History/place of origin

Dillon created it experimentally when he first arrived in the void. He made it to be less unsettling than the endless flat white.

Role (take this however you want)

Dillon hopes the beacon will help other people find it so they can converge in one place (if there are other people at all)

Thoughts and goals about their current situation

Dillon hopes to maintain his sanity here.

Sexuality (just for flavor)


Flaws (required)

Not much there yet.

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Image of Dillon's Oasis
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