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Summary: "Damn Commies..."

Howard Pauling

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Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: Lucid Dreamers

Nickname (optional)

Dr Pauling

Physical Appearance

His build is fairly average and somewhat tall, but he has terrible posture
Dark bags are under his eyes
He has piercing blue eyes and his resting expression is a down turned and disapproving

He wears a lab coat over his clothing

Personality and interests

Self important, Stern, Intelligent, Stubborn

History/place of origin

American scientist from the 1960s

Things in his time line seem to have gone differently than what's familiar

Role (take this however you want)


Thoughts and goals about their current situation

Doesn't understand whats going on but determined to figure it out

He refuses to take things at face value and insists that there is a logical explanation for all of this

Sexuality (just for flavor)

Too engrossed in his work to bother

Flaws (required)

Refuses to accept things he doesn't understand

Very opinionated and pushy

Thinks lower of those who don't have his education

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Image of Howard Pauling
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