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Summary: A tiny peaceful cherry blossom snow globe.

The Zen Garden

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Physical Appearance

A traditional Japanese Zen Garden with a koi pond and sakura trees. There's a traditional two story Japanese house, but the interior furniture is all modern Amrican.

Personality and interests

Peaceful on the outside and comfortable and functional on the inside.

History/place of origin

Dillon is part Japanese. He's only been to Japan once, but he always wanted to go back.

Role (take this however you want)

A place to even further forget the void outside. It's cradled inside Dillon's oasis of grassy green hills. The white horizon isn't visible there.

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Weeb (lol jk)

Flaws (required)

Upon closer inspection, the koi fish behave very artificially. They don't react to anything.

While the place does appear very nice and traditional, were somebody more knowledgeable to inspect it, they could probably pick it apart as a pretty, but mediocre imitation of real places in Japan. It was made be somebody with only surface knowledge of such a place.

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Image of The Zen Garden
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